Program Requirements


A background in business, finance, or statistics is not required for admission to the program because these courses can be acquired during the student's normal course of study. However, if a student enters the program with an inadequate background in mathematics, the deficiency must be overcome as soon as possible. Minimum math statistics and skills include a full year of calculus and at least some study of matrix or linear algebra.

It is preferable to complete at least the calculus course before your first semester in the Ph.D. program.

Research and Thesis Requirements

Major Examinations

In addition to their normal course examinations, Finance and Real Estate doctoral students must pass two major examinations during their tenure in the program. Because the Department admits only well-qualified applicants, attrition from the program is not intended to be very high. Nevertheless, students who fail either examination will probably be asked to leave the program.

During the summer following their first year of course work, students take a written Finance Qualifying Examination, which covers the two Finance Theory courses and a supplementary syllabus of related materials.

In addition, the University requires that every doctoral student pass a written and oral Comprehensive Examination in order to be admitted to candidacy. In the Finance/Real Estate program, this requirement is fulfilled by writing and presenting a "curriculum paper". During his/her second year in residence, each student will select a research topic in consultation with his/her Supervisory Committee. Then, no later than the first class day of the student’s third Fall semester s/he will submit a substantial, completed paper which is either:

  • An extensive, analytical literature review for some important research area. The paper should identify and evaluate the existing literature (including unpublished working papers), carefully identify the literature’s strengths and weaknesses, and indicate several areas in which further research would likely be fruitful.
  • Or, a completed research paper, which includes a substantial "literature review and analysis" section.

This paper will constitute the written portion of the Comprehensive Examination. The oral portion of the Comprehensive Exam will be satisfied by a public lecture, in which the student presents his research to the Supervisory Committee and interested faculty and students. This lecture, based on a version of the paper that has been approved by the Supervisory Committee, must occur within one month of the final paper’s submission.

The Dissertation

Once the comprehensive exams have been passed, the student develops a dissertation proposal and selects a Dissertation Committee consisting of faculty having special knowledge of the topic to be studied. Upon successfully defending the results of this research, the Ph.D. degree is conferred on the student.


  • We will be accepting applications for Fall 2018.
  • International applications are due by January 15, 2018.
  • Domestic (US citizens/permanent residents) applications are due by February 15, 2018.


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