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Important Dates for Current MSF Students

The Academic Calendar represent the most current information for upcoming semesters.

Career Resources

Peer and Mentor Recommended Reading Lists

  • Financial Book List - Available from the UF Library
  • Books suggested by Mark Baumgartner, Ph.D., CFA, Director, Asset Allocation and Risk, The Ford Foundation, 2013
    • Fooled by Randomness, Nassim Nicholas Taleb
    • Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Robert Cialdini
    • The Success Equation, Michael Mauboussin
    • Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk, Peter Bernstein
    • The Wisdom of Crowds, James Surowiecki
    • Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell
    • The Lessons of History, Will and Ariel Durant
    • Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman
    • Predictably Irrational, Dan Ariely
    • Active Portfolio Management, Richard Grinold and Robert Kahn
  • Books suggested by MSF alumnus and hedge fund analyst, Eric Evans:
    • The Most Important Thing Illuminated - Howard Marks
    • Valuation – McKinsey and Company
    • A Random Walk Down Wall Street – Burton G Malkiel
    • The Little Book of Behavioral Investing – James Montier

Financial Aid

To learn more about scholarships and other aid programs, please visit the UF Student Financial Affairs website.


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