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    1. Fall 2017

      Addition of two new lecturers to the MSF Program:

      • T. Clark Durant, Ph.D., who teaches FIN6785 Structuring and Solving Business Problems
      • D. Aaron Brask, Ph.D., who will be teaching FIN6930 Equity Portfolio Strategies

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    1. Spring 2016

      Time magazine’s April 25, 2016 cover story on the U.S. debt, “The United States of Insolvency” by James Grant generated significant buzz in print media and the blogosphere. The same week, UF Lecturer, Mr. Bruce Foerster, held his annual UF panel discussion sponsored by BB&T Foundations of Free Enterprise: Capitalism and Capital Markets, entitled, “The Federal Deficit...Visible and Invisible. Should We Worry About It? How Large Is It? What Can We Do About It?”

      Michael Tanner, a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute and G. William (“Bill”) Hoagland, Senior Vice President of the Bipartisan Policy Center were this year’s panelists. Michael McKee, a Bloomberg Radio host and Bloomberg Television’s economics editor, moderated the panel.

      Video of the UF panel presentation can been seen on Time.com.

    2. Spring 2015

      Congratulations to MSF 2015 students, Tyler Prebor, Michael Pappas and Joseph Jurbala, for being CFA Research Challenge Co-Champions in the Americas Regional Finals and for competing well in the Global Finals.


    1. Feb 2011
      • MSF Alumnus, Azer Song-Naba, is recognized for philanthropic efforts
      • Members of the Dean’s Advisory Board attended a reception with prospective students and the senior students of the class of 2011

        The students especially appreciated the opportunity to spend time with Mr. William R. Hough and his wife, Hazel. Also attending were, Janice Cellier, Divisional Sales Director of Invesco’s Wirehouse, Coleman Cordell, Managing Director of Bank of America Securities, Ben Plotkin, Vice Chairman of the Board of Stifel Financial Corporation and EVP of Stifel Nicolaus, Larry Smith, Chairman and CIO of Third Wave Global Investors.

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