Summer Internships

MSF students have obtained valuable internships through application and networking. Most of these students are or were part of the Combined Degree program, they took advantage of graduate coursework while they were undergraduate students at UF.

SEO Internships

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) conducts the nation's premiere summer internship program for talented undergraduate students of color. The three MSF students who received SEO internships in the past secured wonderful NY job offers from their SEO internships. "SEO seems to be one of the most straightforward ways to get onto Wall Street from UF." Kyle Morabito, MSF 2008, SEO summer 2007 intern for Merrill Lynch. Read more in this summer internship flyer.

2008 MSF Summer SEO Interns

Phillippe Kriz, MSF '09
Phillippe Kriz was placed by SEO with Lehman Brothers in New York city this summer in Money Markets. "Lehman Brothers looked at my resume and since I'm doing the MSF program they decided to place me on the Senior Analyst internship program. I got a new offer, and if I do get a job offer for next year it would be for a senior analyst position."

UFICO Internships

Students accepted to the MSF Program before March are automatically considered for paid internships at the University of Florida Investments Company (UFICO). UFICO manages the investments of the University of Florida Endowment. UFICO was created in 2004 to manage the investments of the University of Florida Endowment ($959 million as of June 30, 2006). UFICO employs a professional staff led by Chief Investment Officer Michael Smith. Up to three interns will be hired each year. Each intern will work in one of three areas: (1) traditional assets, (2) hedge funds, and (3) private investments (private equity and real estate). Intern responsibilities will include portfolio analytics, manager evaluation, preparation of Board of Director reports and other periodic reports. The position may require some travel.

One-and two-year internships may be available. Students in the two year internship program would extend the MSF Program over two years. Compensation will range from $5,000 to $20,000 per year largely depending on whether the student does a two-year or one-year internship. Two year interns will be expected to work more hours per week and will be paid a higher annual rate. Additional funding to cover tuition in the MSF Program will be awarded to outstanding candidates. The internships coupled with the academic experience in the program represent an outstanding opportunity for prospective students interested in careers in investments.

Students that wish to apply for an internship should submit a cover letter and supporting materials to Kelly Herring by mail or email. This will be included with the application materials you submit.


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