Combined Degree Program

A Four Year Program for Exceptional Students

The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) Combined Degree Program serves as an honors program in Finance designed for highly motivated and bright undergraduate students that have college credit accumulated when they begin University of Florida coursework. The program allows students to:

  • Earn either combination in four years:
    1. a bachelors and a masters degree in finance or,
    2. a bachelors degree outside of finance and a masters degree in finance.
  • Take 12 graduate finance credits in lieu of some of their undergraduate courses. The graduate credits will be used to satisfy requirements for both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. Undergraduate Finance majors may use a particular set of 12 graduate credits as approved substitutions for undergraduate Debt & Money Markets, Equity & Capital Markets, and Financial Management.

    Non-finance students may be able to use up to 12 credits of graduate finance courses as substitution for undergraduate electives with permission from their undergraduate department.

  • MSF Combined Degree students may also take an additional 6 graduate credits as an undergraduate to store for use on the graduate degree while still eligible for Bright Futures benefits.
  • Complete the MSF Program alongside students with work experience in the field, joined by an outstanding set of peers, in courses taught by finance faculty, with exposure to a variety of visiting industry professionals.
  • Fund graduate tuition at a reduced cost if you are a Bright Futures student or have the Florida PrePaid College Tuition.

What the MSF Program Expects from Interested Students

Aptitude, Motivation and Maturity are mandatory for the rigorousness of this program, the personal growth requirements and the development of necessary industry relationships.

  • Plan early and maintain academic discipline

    • Attend an MSF interest session during the first or second year on campus
    • Complete prerequisite courses for FIN 3403 before fall of the third year of study
    • Maintain a high grade point average with emphasis on AGC 2021c and FIN 3403
    • Leave the fall and spring schedules open for Finance Professional Speaker Series attendance from 2-4 p.m., and possibly 12-2 p.m. for lunch group availability
    • Submit a qualifying GMAT score as soon as possible and definitely before or during the fall term of the third year of study
    • Complete the MSF application in the spring term of the sophomore year
    • Earn a grade of B or better on all graduate courses
    • Realize students cannot take MSF courses until accepted to the program
    • Students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate courses at the same time may have two university calendars to observe (ex: Break dates may differ)
  • Know your purpose

    Each applicant is required to submit a critical statement of purpose detailing the positions the student will seek with the degree. Demonstrate a clear understanding of:

    • the positions sought
    • the requirements for the position
    • firms that hire for the position
    • those firms' hiring calendar
  • Develop a relationship with the MSF Program

    • Study the MSF website
    • Email your UFID to Kelly Herring (kelly.herring at to attend an MSF Interest Session
    • Respond properly to invitations to MSF program events
    • Regularly attend the Finance Professional Speaker Series and email reactions afterwards to Mrs. Herring
    • Attend appointments with Mr. Bruce Foerster, made through Mrs. Herring
    • Email periodic updates of your statement of purpose to Mrs. Herring as works in progress

What Qualified Students Can Expect from the MSF Program

A wealth of resources are offered to students interested in the MSF Program. They are designed for students to learn about the finance industry, gauge their aptitude and interests, and discern the best path for their professional objectives. The expectation is that students selected for the MSF Combined Degree Program will have taken full advantage of opportunities and activities available to them.

  • Review Opportunities and Activities

    • Meetings with Mrs. Kelly Herring, MSF Director of Admissions and Student Services, Mr. Bruce Foerster, MSF Associate Director of Placements and Dr. David Brown, the MSF Program Director, to discuss academic needs and career goals
    • Friday Finance Professional Speaker Series presentations
    • Small lunch group sessions with the Finance Professional Speaker Series participants
    • Several years of archived Finance Professional Speaker Series video of speakers from a variety of finance fields
    • Lunches and meetings with industry professionals. Select students are invited to attend these functions to broaden their understanding of the industry and to make contacts. Attendance may be requested so visitors observe the quality of students the MSF Program and the University of Florida have to offer.
    • Candidacy for a campus internship with the University of Florida Investment Corporation and notification of other internships
    • One-on-one career and industry consultation and group informational sessions with Bruce Foerster, a leading practitioner with considerable investment banking experience
    • The MSF Placement History and job descriptions of newly hired MSF students
    • Detailed graduate level finance course descriptions
    • Additional resources to help with the completion of the statement of purpose
    • Ph.D. level courses in finance are available to some MSF students
    • MSF admission likely to be given before the general application deadline, usually upon completion of FIN 3403


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