The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) has evolved into a Combined Degree Program. University of Florida undergraduate students accepted into the program take graduate level finance courses in lieu of some of their undergraduate courses beginning their third year on campus. MSF students complete both their undergraduate and graduate degrees in four years. The Combined Degree option is available for students from a variety of undergraduate degree programs.

Application Timeline

The first and second year on campus as an undergraduate student:
Attend an MSF Information Session. Make plans to complete any required summer credits before your second year on campus. It is best to take the GMAT the summer after the first year.

Second year on campus:
Continue to attend the Finance Professional Speaker Series. Attend an MSF Information Session, if you did not attend one your first year. Ideally, the GMAT exam should be taken during the fall semester of the second year, if not the summer after the first year. Finance majors need to complete all prerequisites for undergraduate Debt, Equity and Financial Management in the second year. Acquire an interesting summer work opportunity. Students accepted to the program early enough in their second year are often assisted in finding summer opportunities. Submit application materials via email (kelly.herring at to Mrs. Herring. Do not complete the online application to UF’s Graduate School.

  1. Resume
  2. Two letters of recommendation – these may be emailed directly to Mrs. Herring by the person making the recommendation
  3. GMAT score report – a copy of the unofficial score report is adequate for the initial stage of application. We will look for a 650+ for the total score, and a 60th percentile or better on the quantitative portion. We do not require the written portion be completed, and the reasoning section score will not be considered.
  4. Statement of Purpose – as described in the Information Session

There is no need to order a transcript. It will be printed from UF’s records for you.

Interviews for MSF Program candidates will begin in fall of the second year and will extend through mid-March.

Interviewees will need to demonstrate the qualifications expected by the firms they have targeted in their Statement of Purpose. These traits include:

  • An innate interest in financial current events and other industry related subjects
  • Superior analytical skills and demonstrated excellence in academic coursework
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to articulate ideas
  • Strong communication skills, both written and oral
  • Strong work ethic
  • Achievement-oriented character

The earlier a student applies the better for course planning, sophomore summer placement possibilities and mentoring opportunities. Students offered a place in the program prior to completion of FIN 3403 will be expected to receive a B+ or better in the course to continue with the program.

Third year on campus:
MSF students begin graduate coursework alongside their undergraduate courses, while engaging in recruiting for summer internship opportunities in the firms they want to work full time.

Fourth year on campus:
Ideally the student returns for their fourth year at UF with an offer resulting from their summer internship. During the fall semester, the online application to UF’s Graduate School is completed. Undergraduate degree graduation takes place in December and graduate degree graduation takes place in May.


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