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Welcome to DSJ Online. The Decision Sciences Journal (DSJ) strives to provide extraordinary customer service by delivering timely and constructive reviews and informative responses throughout a manuscript's life cycle. To offer this superior level of customer service, all submissions must be made electronically. DSJ strongly encourages both first-time and returning authors to review all author information before submitting a manuscript, as these areas are frequently updated. If you have not already done so, please also review DSJ's Editorial Statement.

Preparation Guidelines

All manuscripts must follow the format and submission guidelines below:

Make a submission to the journal:

  • New Submissions: To submit an article to Decision Sciences please visit our Manuscript Central site. If you have not submitted via the site before you will need to create a user account before you can submit an article. Once you have logged in, click on "Corresponding Author Center" and then follow the instructions to submit your article.
Conflict of Interest Policy

To provide the most fair and objective review process possible, Decision Sciences seeks to avoid conflicts of interest between authors, reviewers, Associate Editors, and Senior Editors.

A conflict of interest can arise whenever an SE, AE, or reviewer is associated with the author(s) in a way that would not lead to an impartial recommendation of the manuscript. In general, a conflict of interest is defined as any financial, personal, or other relationship with another person or organization that could inappropriately influence, or be perceived to influence, the review process.

The following are examples of relationships that represent a conflict of interest for a submitting author:

  • PhD Advisor or Advisee
  • Co‐author of another research article (published, in review, or a working paper) over the past three years
  • Collaborator on a current research project
  • Located at the same institution

Authors should NOT nominate SEs, AEs, or reviewers that fall into any of these categories. If an author wishes to nominate a person who represents a conflict of interest, they must disclose this relationship to the editor in their cover letter, along with an explanation of why they are nominating this person as a preferred reviewer, AE, or SE.

Likewise, if a reviewer, AE, or SE is invited to be on the editorial team for a manuscript and they feel they cannot be impartial, they should notify the editorial office and they will be excused from handling the paper.

Plagiarism and Copyright

Before submitting an article to Decision Sciences, authors must be sure to answer the following questions which are intended to reduce the chance of unintentional plagiarism or copyright infringement:

  • Acknowledge that any work submitted has been submitted solely to this journal and is not published, in press, or submitted elsewhere.
  • Disclose whether the paper has been previously submitted via this submission website and received a revision decision [revised papers should be submitted as “revisions” and not as “new” papers].
  • Disclose whether the paper has not been submitted outside of this website and is now being submitted after revision.
  • Disclose whether the paper has been submitted to this publication and been rejected.

Submitting authors must also confirm that all authors of the submission have read and understood the journal's policy concerning transfer of copyright.

Authors are expected to familiarize themselves with and agree to Wiley Blackwell's policy on ownership of ideas and expression when signing the Copyright Assignment form that is required at the time of manuscript acceptance for publication.

To further prevent the chance of plagiarism occurring, we encourage all authors to read the following statement from Wiley Blackwell’s policy (available at: Wiley Blackwell's Publication Ethics - Ownership of ideas and expression) prior to making a submission:

Journal editors and readers have a right to expect that submitted work is the author's own, that it has not been plagiarized (i.e. taken from other authors without permission, if permission is required) and that copyright has not been breached (for example, if figures or tables are reproduced).

Many journals require authors to declare that the work reported is their own and that they are the copyright owner (or else have obtained the copyright owner's permission). This is enforced further by the Wiley-Blackwell Exclusive License Form, the OnlineOpen Form, or the Copyright Assignment form, one of which must be submitted before publication in any Wiley-Blackwell journal. This form requires signature from the corresponding author to warrant that the article is an original work, has not been published before and is not being considered for publication elsewhere in its final form either in printed or electronic form.

What to do if you suspect plagiarism

Please be advised that Wiley-Blackwell provides a flowchart recommending the process by which journals should handle expected plagiarism.

Decision Sciences takes all accusations of plagiarism seriously and will take necessary action when informed of suspected plagiarism.

Review Topic and Methodological Areas

To facilitate the review process, authors must indicate appropriate review key words for their papers to identify the primary Topic Areas their manuscripts address, and the Methodological Areas they utilize.

You may view the current list of key words from the Topic and Methodological Areas.

Understanding the Review Process

Review this section if you would like clarification on the manuscript submission and review process.

New Submissions

To submit an article to Decision Sciences please visit our Manuscript Cenral site. If you have not submitted via the site before you will need to create a user account before you can submit an article. Once you have logged in, click on "Corresponding Author Center" and then follow the instructions to submit your article.


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