Student Testimonials

Students are offered great opportunities and experiences through the Poe Center's activities and programs. Some of our students who have participated in the MBA Ethics Fellows or Franklin Fellows group have shared the value of their own personal experiences.

"After the Poe Ethics Conference, I reached out to Bill Harris to learn more about Sweetwater and Cafe Campesino. After meeting with him and his partner, Tripp Pomeroy, they've brought me on board to help implement a new management system and financial literacy training for their staff throughout the spring/early summer. I'm heading up in a few weeks to kick it off with their current management team. I'm VERY excited about the project and working with a company that has such a strong mission. Thank you for bringing us together through the Poe Ethics Conference. My involvement with your ethics activities has not only given me a new perspective on business, but connected me with a group of people who I respect and look forward to working with and learning from over the next few months."
- Beverly Rosenbloom, MBA Ethics Fellow
"My involvement with the Poe Center opened my eyes to the very real integrity issues that business leaders face in the global marketplace. The visiting speakers offered a wealth of experience and knowledge that provided me with another education I could not have received in the classroom."
- Chris Ferrante, Franklin Fellow
"MBA Ethics Fellows has raised my awareness of ethics in the workplace and raised my expectations as I interviewed with companies. MBA Ethics Fellows added a critical dimension to my job search and consequently helped me to make a better employment decision."
- Katharyne Daughtridge, MBA Ethics Fellow
"The various points of view we were exposed to will no doubt help direct our ethical compass and keep us on the right path to pursue ethically correct business practices."
- Rich LeBron, MBA Ethics Fellow
"MBA Ethics Fellows offers me an opportunity to look at the business ethics from the American's eyes and compare the ethics we Chinese hold."
- Shiyu (Susan) Zhou, MBA Ethics Fellow
"This has been a great opportunity to learn about, and force myself to think about, some of the business issues that I've heard about in the press, but never really dug into."
- Katherine Lippert, MBA Ethics Fellow
"I really enjoy the open discussions between colleagues and the guest speakers and look forward to the next week's topic."
- Tarah McNaughton, Franklin Fellow
"Participating in Franklin Fellows has helped me gain insight into many ethical issues that are going on in the business world, political arenas, and the environment, of which I was unaware."
- Annie Collins, Franklin Fellow


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