The University of Florida is a leading research institution. The excellent research at the Warrington College of Business impacts the entire business world. The Poe Center has provided support for the following projects:

Affiliated Faculty

  • Project on lying, cheating, stealing, and other dishonesty issues (research conducted in conjunction with faculty in the Department of Management)
  • Project on disclosure of auditor provision of consulting services, jointly between the Department of Management and the Fisher School of Accounting
  • Project on the logic and rationale of boards of directors from the standpoint of behavioral science in the Department of Management
  • Pathways for Women to Organizational Leadership, jointly with the UF Center for Women’s Studies, the University of Michigan, and Indiana University

Warrintgon Faculty


Graduate Students

  • Anan Sturgess
    Accounting and Ethics - Title TBD
    expected graduation date - August 2018

Undergraduate Research

  • Abby Fielding
    Project: Assessing Ethics in the Recruitment Process: The Need and Feasibility in the Financial Industry
    Research Facilitation: University Scholars Program
    Mentor: Dr. Michele Darnell


College Info

Warrington College of Business
BRY 100
PO Box 117150
Gainesville, FL 32611-7150
Phone: 352.392.2397
Fax: 352.392.2086

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