MSE Ethics Fellows

Want to start a business that doesn't lie, cheat, steal, take unfair advantage of employees or foul its own nest? You may be interested in joining the MSE ethics group? What's in it for you?: free lunches, stimulating conversation, building relationships with professors and colleagues, and vital information for your business future.

With ethical considerations becoming increasingly important in business, the Poe Center for Business Ethics, here in the Warrington College of Business, sponsors courses, fellows groups, programs, and speakers to promote serious discussion of ethical issues.

For several years the Ethics Fellows programs (MBA students and MSM students) have met with substantial success, and a new ethics group for the MSE students will begin in the fall of 2009. The format of the MSE Fellows Program will be primarily meeting expert and experienced speakers on business ethics topics. We will have five meetings each semester. Students who make it to most of the meetings will be recognized upon graduation as Ethics Fellows.

We look forward to meeting with you and getting acquainted. Bring your own ideas on issues important to you and your questions about ethics.

If you would like to be an MSE Ethics Fellow or would like to make a reservation to attend a meeting, please contact Judy Brashear, Assistant Director of the Poe Ethics Center.

The Johnson Endowment

Mr. Thomas S. Johnson has served as the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Global Imaging Systems and currently serves on the Board of Advisors of the University of Florida's Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center. In 2007 he established an endowment to support the Thomas S. Johnson Master of Science in Entrepreneurship program, providing students with the necessary skills to launch and grow their businesses.


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