BUL 4443 Ethics in Global Business

Undergraduate; 2 credits

Explores issues involving the role of individuals, citizens, business, and government in promoting profitable but responsible commerce and socially beneficial business activity, with a strong emphasis on global processes and institutions, such as international trade, the WTO, NAFTA, the IFM and the World Bank.

BUL 6441 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Graduate; 2 credits

A two credit course which examines the ethical issues managers face in business organizations. This course explores ethical and moral problems in business. It uses a variety of materials, including both classic and popular literature, to analyze and evaluate the manager's options and decisions. It is heavily discussion oriented. Subjects include ethical theories, the origins of moral and legal duties, whistle-blowing, bribery, drug testing, workplace safety, environmental responsibility, privacy, secrecy and disclosure, bluffing, lying, cheating, and stealing.

MAN 6930 The Ethical Role of the Manager

Graduate; 1 credit

The ethical role of a professional manager in meeting responsibilities associated the being entrusted with resources to manage. Required for MBA students.

BUL 6652 Law and Ethics in Corporate Governance

Graduate; 3 credits

Explores the law and ethics underlying and governing the structure and operation of the business corporation in the United States and other industrial countries. This is a graduate level course.


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