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Undergraduate students frequently inquire about what part they could play in the activities of the Bergstrom Center for Real Estate Studies. The interaction between the Real Estate Society and the Center should prove mutually beneficial in many ways and offer an engaging answer to students posing this question.

For the students, the Society provides career and industry information while fostering opportunities for internships and future employment. Training future undergraduate course TA's, tutoring undergraduates in real estate topics, offering seminars in career placement strategies and other initiatives are all among the many activities.

For the Center, the Society offers a point of contact for the industry to identify students who are serious about careers in real estate. In addition, it is hoped that the Center will view Society members as those who can be counted on to provide more depth and assistance in supporting regional and statewide events led by the Center.

The Society offers a sense of identity to undergraduate real estate students at the University of Florida, especially those who have declared the Real Estate Minor. We believe this cadre of students will serve to form a critical mass of committed students who desire involvement in a robust undergraduate program.


The mission of the University of Florida Real Estate Society is to actively create, support and enhance the academic experiences and pre-professional opportunities for students involved in the UF Program in Real Estate.

The main ways we hope to provide value to students in the coming academic year are through the organization of company tours and travel to professional association meetings, bringing real estate professionals to campus to speak, compiling informational resources useful to real estate students, and taking advantage of the University of Florida's extensive real estate network to provide opportunities for learning.

Immediate Goals and Opportunities for Student Involvement

Specific goals of the Real Estate Society are organizing at least two company tours, traveling to professional association meetings or conferences, bringing two real estate speakers to campus and establish a growing informational resource to help students make career decisions, obtain internships and win scholarships. These goals will be accomplished by four committees, which serve as entry points into the Society for students wishing to become involved.

  • Company Tour Committee

    The Company Tour Committee facilitates the goal of involvement with company tours during the academic year. The Company Tour Committee's responsibilities include recruiting companies willing to have U.F. real estate students visit, working out logistics for the trip, preparing a budget and schedule and ensuring that visits go smoothly.

  • Conference Committee

    The Conference Committee facilitates the goal of involvement with professional association meetings or conferences during the academic year. The Conference Committee's responsibilities include finding scheduled professional association meetings, dealing with contact people, arranging logistics and preparing a budget for trip.

  • Speaker Committee

    The Speaker Committee facilitates the goal of bringing real estate professional speakers to campus during the academic year. The Speaker Committee responsibilities include finding speakers, setting a date for their presentations, arranging for a room for the speaker to give address and arranging small group time for students before or after presentation. The Young Professional Speaker Series, hosted by the Society, brings recent graduates from UF's MSRE, MBA-RE and JD/MSRE program to speak about their job search experiences and new professional roles. It is expected these speakers will dramatically demonstrate to students what to expect from a particular discipline, company or industry sector upon graduation. Our first Society hosted speaker event is Mr. Beau Berry's Young Professional presentation on Thursday, November 1st.

  • Continuing Resource Committee

    The Continuing Resource Committee facilitates the creation and maintenance of a collection of informational resources for students involved in the Real Estate Society. The Continuing Resource Committee responsibilities include managing a pool of industry contacts by collecting contact data and making it accessible to students, providing a useful career counseling resource based on interviews with alumni and other industry professionals, and compiling information on internships and scholarships useful to real estate students.

  • Longer Term or Broader Society Goals


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