Community Land Use Game (CLUG)

The Community Land Use Game (CLUG) is a teaching tool designed around a team (development company) activity focused on the challenges of business strategy, city management and community building. Originally developed in the 1960s by University of Michigan professor of urban planning Allan Feldt, CLUG has since been played by thousands of students, public officials and civic groups.

Our intention of playing the game is to provide a participatory framework to teach the core principles of land use theories, especially central place theory. The game consists of multiple companies/teams operating across several development activities including housing, retail and industrial, that culminates with a "winner" who did the best job maximizing their company's wealth. No one team can afford to operate in all development sectors and must negotiate with other firms to mutually progress, resulting in high team interdependency.

Current fundraising efforts are underway to modernize this game. The Bergstrom Center seeks to translate the original, 2-dimensional board game still in use today into an adaptive electronic game format that will speed the game's information flow and give players (students) a clearer view of the action. Ultimately, the purpose for this project is to make the already well-established CLUG game an even more relevant and powerful professional learning tool.

Student Experience

Blake Evans

Blake Evans MSRE '14

What contributing factors led to your team's success in winning the game?
“ Following through with verbal agreements and engaging in deals that were fair to all parties helped us to establish goodwill. This resulted in repeat business that greatly contributed to our success. In addition, the timely lending of money allowed us to create profit over the long run while creating business that would not have happened otherwise. campus.”


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