Postbaccalaureate Status

Conditions of Enrollment

Post-Bac. students must be full-time students and are permitted a maximum two semesters of enrollment to earn the minimum preparatory course requirements for admission to the Master of Accounting Program.

Students who do not meet the minimum benchmarks of semester 1 will be excluded from the Post-Bac. program and will not be allowed to complete semester 2.

Semester 1
Course Title Credits
ACG 3101 Financial Accounting and Reporting 1 4
ACG 3401 Business Processes and Accounting Information Systems 4
FIN 3403 Business Finance 4
QMB 3250 Statistics for Business Decisions 4

Minimum benchmarks for semester 1:

  1. Earn a minimum grade of "B" in ACG 3101 and ACG 3401.
  2. Earn a minimum 3.0 GPA for semester 1.
  3. Successfully complete all courses required of semester 1.
Semester 2
Course Title Credits
ACG 4111 Financial Accounting and Reporting 2 4
ACG 4341 Cost and Managerial Accounting 4
MAR 3023 Principles of Marketing 4
MAC 2234 Survey of Calculus 2 3

Students are to submit an application for admission to the Master of Accounting program. No further registration as a Post-Bac. Student is permitted. If admitted to the Master of Accounting program, any remaining preparatory coursework will be completed as part of the student's graduate plan of study.


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