Ph.D. in Business Administration - Accounting

Ph.D. Alumni

Degree Name Current Affiliation
2017 Xi (Angie) Wang The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2017 Andrew Kitto University of Washington at Seattle (visiting)
2017 Edward Thomas University of Alabama at Birmingham (visiting)
2016 Devin Williams University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2016 Han Stice The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2016 Matthew Driskill California State University at Fullerton
2016 William Ciconte University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2014 Ying Zhou University of Connecticut
2012 Stephen Brown University of Florida (visiting)
2012 Sukyoon Jung Hanyang University, Korea
2011 Michael Donohoe University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (tenured)
2009 Monika Causholli University of Kentucky (tenured)
2009 Liang Fu Oakland University
2009 Hung Yuan (Richard) Lu California State University at Fullerton (tenured)
2008 Carlos Jimenez University South Florida at Sarasota-Manatee
2007 Jason MacGregor Baylor University (tenured)
2006 Jie Tian University of Waterloo
2005 Adamos Vlittis University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus
2004 George Drymiotes Texas Christian University
2004 Lin Nan Purdue University (tenured)
2000 Allen D. Blay Florida State University (tenured)
2000 Kevan Jensen University of Oklahoma (tenured)
1999 Sanjeev Bhojraj Cornell University (tenured/full)
1998 Richard Hatfield University of Alabama (tenured/chair)
1998 Suzanne Landry HEC Montreal (tenured/full)
1998 Jinghong Liang Carnegie Mellon University (tenured/full)
1998 Vincent Owhoso Northern Kentucky University (tenured)
1998 Deborah Pendarvis Central Michigan University
1997 Lizabeth Austen-Jaggard Valdosta State University (retired)
1997 Donna Bobek University of South Carolina (tenured)
1997 Antonello Callimaci Universite du Quebec-Montreal (tenured/?)
1995 Mark C. Anderson University of Texas at Dallas (tenured)
1995 Jeffrey L. Payne Universtiy of Kentucky (tenured/full)
1995 Sean Robb University of Central Florida (tenured)
1995 Partha Sengupta Senior Finanical Economist at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
1995 Louise Single St. Edwards Univestity-Austin (tenured/ chair)
1994 Carolyn Takeda-Brown University of Florida (finance lecturer)
1994 Ronald G. Worsham Brigham Young University (tenured)
1994 Marilyn T. Zarzeski Univesrity of Mississippi (retired)
1992 Devaun Kite No Affiliation
1992 Robin R. Radtke Clemson University
1991 Cynthia A. Copp University of Oklahoma
1991 Steven C. Hunt Western Illinois University (tenured)
1991 William C. Quilliam University of S. Florida (tenured)
1990 Yong S. Choe Seoul City University
1990 Andrew D. Cuccia University of Oklahoma (tenured)
1990 John Neill Abilene Christian University (tenured/ full)
1989 H. Francis Bush Lynchburg College (tenured/ full)
1989 Charles C. Chi No affilication
1989 A. Bruce Clements Kennesaw State University (tenured)
1989 Richard B. Dusenbury Florida State University (retired)
1989 P. Merle Maddocks University Alabama in Huntsville (retired)
1989 Carol A. Olson No Affiliation
1989 Pamela Erickson Shaw Tulane University
1989 Viceola D. Sykes South Carolina State (retired)
1989 S. Ramu Thiagarajan Pequot Capital Management
1988 Steven J. Kachelmeier University of TX-Austin (tenured/ chair)
1988 Mohamed Shehata McMaster University (tenured/ full)
1988 Richard Tubbs The University of Iowa (retired)
1987 Charles P. Baril James Madison University (tenured/ full)
1987 Jang Y. Cho Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (tenured)
1987 Kooyul Jung Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (tenured)
1987 Pornsiri Poonakasem Chulalongkorn University
1986 Bryan K. Church Georgia Tech (tenured/ full)
1985 Noel Addy Mississippi State (tenure)
1985 Ring D. Chen Northeastern Illinois University (retired)
1985 Dimitrios Ghicas Athens University (retired)
1985 Andrew J. Judd University of Central Florida (retired)
1985 Ramasamy Odaiyappa Deceased
1985 Kevin P. Scanlon Indiana University Northwest
1984 Thomas L. Barton University of North Florida (tenured/full)
1984 Prem C. Jain Georgetown University (tenured/full)
1984 Robert B. Thompson American University (retired)
1983 Alan H. Friedberg Florida Atlantic University (retired)
1983 Michael J. Gift University of Macau (tenured/?)
1983 Julie H. Sullivan University of St. Thomas (president)
1982 Ismail I. Gomaa Alexandria University (tenured/full)
1982 R. David Plumlee University of Utah (tenured/full)
1981 Robert L. Beshara LaSierra University (retired)
1981 Alan G. Mayper Deceased
1981 Paul R. Welch Rollins University
1980 Manson P. Dillaway New Mexico State University (retired)
1980 Rohit Jain Alabama A&M University (retired)
1980 Dave N. Stewart Brigham Young University (tenured/full)
1980 Richard H. Tabor Auburn University (retired)
1979 Geraldine Westmoreland Florida State University (retired)
1978 Clifton E. Brown University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (emeritus/full)
1978 William S. Hopwood Florida Atlantic University (tenured/full)
1978 Marcus F. Marks No Affiliation
1978 Brian A. O'Doherty East Carolina University (tenured)
1978 Robert W. Stolar Wilfrid Laurier University (retired)
1978 Wanda A. Wallace William & Mary University (retired)
1977 William A. Hillison Florida State University (retired)
1976 William Marcus Dunn The University of Texas at Arlington (retired)
1976 Linda J. Savage Central Florida University (retired)
1976 Edwin Wood Deceased
1975 Jesse V. Boyles University of Florida (tenured)
1975 B. Dean Corbett University of North Florida (retired)
1975 Courtenay L. Granger Deceased
1975 Danny R. Hines Deceased
1974 Gary R. Fane University of North Florida (Emeritus professor)
1974 Woody, M. Liao University of California-Riverside (tenured/ full)
1973 Surendra P. Agrawal University of Memphis (retired)
1973 Rosalie C. Hallbauer Florida International University (tenured)
1972 Donald R. Law Retired
1972 Gary J. Previts Case Western University (tenured/ full)
1972 Ramesh C. Vaish Practitioner (India)
1971 Abraham P.J. Immelman Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (tenured)
1971 Thomas Wood No affiliation
1971 John A. Yeakel Deceased
1971 Robert F. Zant No affiliation
1970 Joseph G. Louderback Clemson University (retired)
1970 Kenneth S. Most Florida International (retired)
1970 William Thomas Stevens Western Conn (retired)
1970 Richard G. Vangermeersch University of Rhode Island (Emeritus professor)
1969 Levis D. McCullers Deceased
1969 Larry G. Pointer Deceased
1969 Frank R. Probst Marquette University (retired)
1969 James T. Robey Deceased
1968 Yezdi K. Bhada Georgia State (retired)
1968 Frederick D. Whitehurst Old Dominion (retired)
1967 William J. Grasty Mid-Tennessee State (retired)
1967 Howard P. Sanders university of South Carolina (retired)
1965 James B. Montgomery Florida Atlantic University (retired)
1964 William Hart Anderson Auburn University (retired)
1964 Gordon E. Bell Florida Atlantic University (retired)
1964 Robert R. Sterling Deceased
1962 James E. Brown Northern Kentucky University (retired)
1956 Delmas D. Ray Deceased


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