Undergraduate Accounting Minor

The minor in accounting is open to all non-accounting students. It offers students a strong foundation in financial and managerial accounting beyond the introductory level.

With the increasingly interdisciplinary model used by businesses, completion of the minor broadens career opportunities and increases the student's marketability. With careful course selection, completion of the minor will accrue enough accounting credits for students from any major to apply for direct admission to the Master of Accounting program upon completion of the undergraduate degree.

Hours: Credits will vary

UF Online Students: Upper-division accounting course offerings are limited. It is strongly recommended you meet with an advisor very early to map out your schedule.

Undergraduate Accounting Course Availability

Required Courses

Additional Requirements

  1. All 3000-level and above course work must be completed at the University of Florida.
  2. All course and grade prerequisites must be satisfied. Because the prerequisites for some upper-division accounting courses include business courses not included herein, non-business majors typically have to complete additional business courses to complete this minor.
  3. A minimum grade of C is required for each course in the minor, except for ACG 2021 and ACG 2071, which require a minimum grade of B.
  4. With advanced approval from the associate director, additional 3000-level or above accounting courses may be substituted for the requirements listed above.


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