Juris Doctor/Master of Accounting



In addition to the completion of all preparatory coursework, the Fisher School of Accounting requires completion of 34 semester hours of coursework in order to receive a MAcc degree. Under the joint degree program, the Fisher School of Accounting will allow a maximum of ten credits of appropriate law courses to be applied towards the MAcc degree and will allow some communications course requirements to be met within the JD program. Application of the ten credits and satisfaction of the communications requirements are contingent on successful completion of the JD program. This means that a student who is admitted to the joint degree program but does not complete the JD requirements must complete the separate MAcc degree requirements including preparatory coursework in order to earn that degree.


Reciprocally, the Levin College of Law will permit a maximum of ten credits taken in the Fisher School of Accounting to be applied toward the JD degree. Two of these Fisher School of Accounting courses will be treated as the two graduate courses ordinarily allowed to be taken outside of the Levin College of Law for credit towards law school graduation. All accounting courses accepted must be offered at the graduate level (i.e., must be numbered 5000 or higher). The area requirements may be fulfilled only through law courses and no Fisher School of Accounting courses can be utilized for such purpose.


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