Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Requirements for Admission

The process for submitting an application to become an undergraduate accounting student depends upon one's classification. Applicants are encouraged to read all policies relating to admission and to meet with an academic advisor to answer questions regarding the admission process. There are four ways to become an undergraduate accounting student:

High School Students and Freshman Transfers from Other Institutions

Students who fall into this category apply directly to the University of Florida Office of Admission. Students who are offered on-campus admission may select accounting as their major. These students remain in the accounting program providing they have complied with all Universal Tracking criteria required of the freshman and sophomore years.

Junior/Senior Transfers from Other Institutions

Junior college transfers, and transfers from four year academic institutions, are a vibrant component of the BSAc Program. The Fisher School of Accounting uses an applicant pool to select candidates for admission to its Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree program. All applications that meet the minimum standards are placed into a pool from which the most qualified are selected for admission each term. Prospective applicants should pay careful attention to complete all minimum requirements as described in the Junior/Senior Transfer Standards listed below in order to be a competitive applicant.

Current UF Freshmen/Sophomores Seeking to Reclassify Their Major to Accounting

Freshman and sophomore students who seek to change their major to accounting after having been enrolled at the University of Florida for at least one semester of study must apply for admission to the Fisher School of Accounting. Students seeking to change major from the Warrington College of Business Administration must also be on track for the WCBA to be reclassified to the accounting program.

Current UF Juniors/Seniors Seeking to Reclassify Their Major to Accounting

Prospective applicants who have completed a minimum of 60 credit hours at UF, (including current registration but not AP/IB/Dual Enrollment credit) are considered juniors or seniors. These candidates must have completed all universal tracking requirements and be able to graduate with no more than 138 credit hours.


College Info

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100 BRY
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Phone: 352.392.2397
Fax: 352.392.2086

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