Fisher School of Accounting 2022-23

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Mission Statement

The Fisher School is committed to providing global thought leadership by creating influential research, fostering an inclusive lifelong learning community that educates and supports future professional and academic leaders, and engaging with the global professional community.

Our mission reflects the Fisher School’s commitment to inclusiveness and enhancing the intellectual capital of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as our intent to instill an ethic of lifelong learning in our students. The mission reflects the importance we place on our graduate programs to produce ethical and thoughtful leaders of the accounting profession, to develop the faculty of the future, and to contribute to research that solves current and future problems.

From the Director's Desk

Our students, faculty, and staff are looking forward to the start of the new academic year with all the attendant academic and social activities. We all enjoy seeing so many of our alumni, recruiters, and friends of the School back on campus. This year, we are holding our first ever “Back to School” Fisher School tailgate before a home football game.

Our students, faculty, and staff were very busy in the last year. We held numerous events, including the Women in Accounting Symposium, Professional Speaker Series, Beta Alpha Psi and Accounting Council events, and numerous recruiting activities. Students participated and excelled in national case competitions, and we continue to see impressive placements of our graduates in attractive career positions.

Accounting data analytics remains an important focus for us through our new faculty in this area and new analytics course work. We are in the process of preparing our Self-Study Report for our upcoming AACSB accreditation peer review visit in January 2024. We in the Fisher School are always engaged in continuous improvement to make sure our graduates are as well prepared as any in the world. But the every five-year AACSB review is very useful in that it requires us to summarize and report on exactly what we’ve done in the last five years, how we’ve achieved or not achieved our strategic goals, and to report our plans for the future.

You will find much good news in this report. Our students and faculty continue to make us proud with significant awards and recognition. Our faculty are extremely productive in research and teaching and contributions to the profession. The Fisher School undergraduate and graduate programs continue their high national rankings. Achieving high rankings is not our goal. Rather, we believe these high rankings simply reflect the quality of everything we do at Fisher, Warrington, and UF.

The contents of this report contain only a sampling of our activities over the last year. Please visit our website often to keep up with Fisher School news and learn even more about our students, faculty, programs, and alumni.


Gary McGill
Senior Associate Dean, Warrington College of Business
Director, Fisher School of Accounting
Director, Hough Graduate School of Business

Senior Associate Dean, Gary McGill, speaks to students in a classroom

Our Shared Purpose

The Fisher School serves business and accounting professionals and educators through innovative and high-quality teaching and research with a focus on providing the education necessary for successful careers in leadership positions. The School promotes the understanding and practice of accounting and business through its research, teaching and service.

Our Shared Values

  • The achievement of continuous improvement
  • Knowledge enhancement through high-quality research, which is broadly defined to include discovering new knowledge, integrating and applying that knowledge, and communicating it to others
  • High-quality, innovative and relevant professional and doctoral education
  • Broad faculty and staff involvement in the full range of mission related activities by recognizing and utilizing the unique skills and contributions of individual faculty and staff members
  • The sentiments and advice of the faculty are important to faculty governance
  • Academic excellence in all actions undertaken to fulfill our mission
  • An environment of collegiality and mutual respect
  • Active participation and support by our alumni and friends for our programs
  • Outreach to the business and professional community

Measures of Success

  • Overall recognition of the Fisher School brand
  • High level and improving placement in appropriate media rankings of accounting programs
  • Consistent ranking among the top ten public university accounting programs
  • Consistent ranking in the top half among the accounting programs of a set of defined peer schools
  • External recognition of the high quality and diversity of our students, faculty and staff
  • General satisfaction of stakeholders including students, faculty, administration, supporters, parents, recruiters and others
  • Alignment of resources and mission, objectives and activities
  • Adequacy and quality of physical and intellectual resources

Fisher School mourns the loss of Dominique DeSantiago

It is with deep sadness that the Fisher School of Accounting shares the loss of Dominique “Dom” DeSantiago. The former associate director for Fisher School of Accounting passed away on February 23, 2023. He was 63 years old.

DeSantiago earned both a BAcc (‘87) and a MAcc (‘89) from the University of Florida, was named Tax Student of the Year in 1989, was a recipient for the Snowball Fellowship for Graduate Study in 1988 and received the Presidential Recognition for Outstanding Contribution to the University of Florida in 1988.

In May of 1994, after becoming a CPA and spending some time in public accounting, DeSantiago became Associate Director of Fisher School of Accounting where he served alongside Directors Doug Snowball, Jack Kramer, Joel Demski and Gary McGill. He retired in August of 2015.

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Leading the way

Fisher faculty are leading the way in the classroom and in accounting research. Whether they’re teaching students in the classroom or producing the next piece of impactful research, they are strengthening the foundation of accounting in the future.

Stephen Asare speaks to students in a classroom
In the last five years, current faculty members produced 176 intellectual contributions, including publishing over 60 articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Fisher faculty members have been published in these journals in the last 5 years:

  • The Accounting Review
  • Journal of Accounting Research
  • Accounting, Organizations and Society
  • Contemporary Accounting Research
  • Review of Accounting Studies
  • Accounting Horizons
  • Behavioral Research in Accounting
  • Issues in Accounting Education
  • Journal of Accounting Literature
  • Abacus
  • Journal of Business Ethics
  • Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory
  • International Journal of Auditing
  • The Journal of the American Taxation Association
  • National Tax Journal
  • International Tax Journal
  • Management Science
  • Real Estate Economics
  • and many other peer-reviewed journals

Fisher faculty members are involved at industry-impacting publications and boards.

Journal Editors
Editorial Review Boards
  • Marcus Kirk, The Accounting Review and Contemporary Accounting Research
  • Robert Knechel, Contemporary Accounting Research
  • Paul Madsen, The Accounting Review, Accounting Horizons, and Issues in Accounting Education
  • Michael Mayberry, The Accounting Review, The Journal of the American Taxation Association, and The International Journal of Accounting
  • Michael Schadewald, Journal of State Taxation and Advances in Accounting Education.
  • Gary McGill (Texas Tech University Ph.D.) was elected President of the American Accounting Association’s Leadership in Accounting Education Section for 2023/2024. He is also in his second year as Chair of the AACSB’s Accounting Accreditation Committee and is a current member of the AACSB’s Accounting Accreditation Policy Committee.
  • Scott Rane (Texas A&M University PhD) was awarded the J. Michael Cook Teaching Excellence Award.
  • Mike Ricci (University of Georgia Ph.D.) received the Warrington College of Business Graduate Teaching Award.

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Setting the standard

Fisher students are prepared for their future. Whether winning awards or competing with the brightest minds from other universities, Fisher students are setting the standard for the future.

A student at the front of the classroom

Student Profile

Total students:


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Made for growth

The classroom experience at the Fisher School sets students up for success. It’s where they learn the fundamentals of accounting that will create their future.

A businessman talks to a student

Fisher School named No. 12 accounting program in the nation

The Fisher School of Accounting’s undergraduate program was named the 12th best undergraduate accounting program among schools in U.S. News & World Report’s 2024 Best Colleges edition.

Among U.S. public universities, the Fisher School is ranked as the No. 6 program. The Fisher School continues to be the No. 1 ranked undergraduate accounting program in the state of Florida by U.S. News & World Report.

Degrees Conferred in 2022-23


Total undergraduate degrees:



Total graduate degrees:


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Building a foundation

Graduating from the Fisher School creates pride. Fisher alumni play an integral role in the future of the college.

A student shakes hands with someone

Celebrating the Fisher 45 Legacy Challenge

In 2022, the Fisher School celebrated 45 years of providing exceptional accounting education to students. To ensure that future accounting students have access to the same outstanding education as generations before them, the Fisher School launched the Fisher 45 Legacy Challenge. During a five-year period, we asked our alumni and friends to consider making an estate commitment to benefit the Fisher School.

Thanks to their commitment to ensuring the school’s bright future, Fisher alumni and friends boosted the school’s legacy gifts to 45, representing the number of years since the school’s founding.

Because of these 45 legacy gifts, the Fisher School will be able to fund future programs, scholarships, faculty projects and more. Through legacy gifts made today, the school is able to better make decisions about how it can continue supporting its community in the years ahead.


  • Prem C. Jain
  • Andrew J. McGhin Jr. (d)
  • Jerome A. Schine (d)

  • Marion W. Averett (d)
  • Ernst & Young Foundation
  • KPMG Foundation
  • Henry H. & Peggy B. Miyares
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

  • J. Michael & Mary Anne Cook
  • Deloitte Foundation
  • Steven K. Rainey & Daphne A. Cook
  • Robert Tache

  • Thomas R. & Dayna W. Arnold
  • Justin B. & Lindsey Avery
  • Anthony D. & Carla Beckman
  • Jeremy B. & Stephanie A. Blank
  • Ruth Camp Campbell Fdtn.
  • Joseph F. & Theresa A. Cannella
  • Donald & Carole Chaiken Foundation
  • Carole Chaiken (d)
  • Donald Chaiken (d)
  • Robert E. & Sharon Z. Chevalier
  • Chrislynn W. & Glenn S. Freed
  • Bud Green
  • Tammi L. Lowe
  • Becky B. Moore & W. David Ellrich Jr.
  • Lori G. & Kevin S. Nissen
  • Solon F. O’Neal Jr.
  • Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund
  • Gregory A. & Holly S. Rosica
  • Aaron S. & Mrs. Carly D. Topol
  • James H. Vogt
  • Dave R. & Kristi K. Wagley

  • Brian K. Barkley & Nancy Phillimore
  • Cherry Bekaert LLP
  • Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, Inc.
  • Jason R. & Susan G. Connery
  • Crowe LLP
  • Kevin Michael & Sandra M. Davis
  • Archie D. Fagot
  • Gary L. French
  • Darlene Gleim
  • Colleen T. & Jeffrey C. Harrison
  • Li Liu & Conor Mcnally
  • Joseenrique Martinez
  • Bert T. & Carmen S. Mills
  • Steven E. Morrison
  • Michael P. & Shari M. Quackenbush
  • Sean M. & Maureen D. Richards
  • RSM US Foundation
  • Julie Haney & Robert S. Sullivan
  • United Way Worldwide
  • Bettina W. & Greg S. Weiss
  • Christopher L. & Mrs. Yeniley L. Winfrey
  • Jacob C. & Holly L. Wise
  • Morris C. & Mrs. Ivonne G. Wycoff

  • Gregory B. Adams
  • Daniel J. & Candice E. Amat
  • Diane M. Barrett
  • Julie R. & Richard G. Baum
  • BDO
  • Bergen County United Way
  • Kent N. & Alexa Berry
  • Brad & Alexandra M. Bond
  • Edgar J. & Mary L. Bunch
  • Joseramon Carrasco
  • Janet Chive
  • Kenneth G. & Theresa M. Cochran
  • Douglas L. & Melanie S. Cooper
  • Joseph G. & Amy S. Dowds
  • Paul J. Droubie
  • Sarah A. & Paul J. Du Wors
  • M. Timothy & Lois W. Farrell
  • Constance K. & Jason C. Faulkner
  • Daniel J. & Vanessa F. Felgner
  • Frederick E. Fisher
  • Miguel A. & Kristin R. Fonseca
  • Matthew & Doris B. Geller
  • Grant Thornton LLP
  • Haft DAF
  • Jason J. & Megan Hakerem
  • Eric J. & Kathryn L. Hall
  • Edward M. & Mrs. Yaeko S. Hanna
  • Cindi M. Harrell
  • R. Thomas Harrell
  • Jonathan W. Hauser
  • Kevin Herzberg
  • Neal A. & Cheryl D. Hochberg
  • Kyle P. & Mrs. Shannon B. Howry
  • George J. & Christine M. Kehl
  • Michael B. & Amy M. Klasfeld
  • Michael L. & Kimberly L. Kohner
  • Tate D. & Annie B. Kubler
  • Barbara A. & Nathan M. Laird
  • Elizabeth C. & Bruce D. Landrum
  • Jeannette M. Leighton
  • Howard A. & Mrs. Melany G. Levenson
  • Laura E. & Jeremy R. Marquis
  • Deborah P. & Andrew J. Mason
  • Tyler A. Medley
  • Judith M. Mercier
  • Randy W. & Suzanne Moore
  • Ira R. & Karen V. Nassi
  • Jason R. & Sabrina M. Natt
  • NextEra Energy Foundation, Inc.
  • Paul J. & Rebecca L. Noris
  • Monique K. Pardo Pope
  • Mrs. Thais D. Rodriguez-Caez & Brian Caez
  • Jeffrey M. & Amy S. Rubin, MBA
  • Stefan A. & Mrs. Glennys O. Rubin
  • John M. & Eileen A. Sarris
  • Mark & Nancy J. Schroeder
  • Ryan L. Shedd
  • Tonya L. & Marshall L. Slaton
  • David A. & Mrs. Radostina T. Smalling
  • Lara Thrush-Long & Brian T. Long
  • Joshua D. & Sarah P. Traband
  • Adam J. Traub
  • United Way of Greater Atlanta
  • David W. Uslan
  • Mark D. & Tina M. Veil
  • Todd C. & Rebecca H. Wilkins
  • R. Todd & Sharon F. Wilson
  • Fei Ye
  • Brian M. & Melissa Zophin

  • Geoffrey T. & Mrs. Mirjam Ball
  • Daniel L. & Lindsay R. Beiley
  • Dustin J. Breck
  • Steven G. & Susan D. Christovich
  • Community Foundation of Sarasota County
  • Antonio & Stephanie S. Correa
  • Kelly R. & Meredith B. Dee
  • Christina F. & Kurt A. Ewoldt
  • Scott Fischer
  • The Glenmede Corp.
  • David A. & Jennifer L. Glinter
  • Hugh A. & Margaret H. Gower
  • Ashley L. Graham
  • Steven T. & Jennifer R. Gross
  • Cary A. & Karen L. Gums
  • Robert D. & Mary D. Hunt
  • Kay C. & Roger A. Ingley
  • Johnson Family Fund
  • Linda K. & Charles L. Johnson
  • Lisa R. & C. F. Johnson III
  • Jodi V. & David M. Kudelko
  • Zachary M. & Cynthia W. Leder
  • Lisa Lettenmaier
  • David N. & Astrid Loving
  • Robert W. McKee
  • Erin M. Meyer
  • Larimar S. Miquel & Keith Hernandez
  • Charles E. & Danielle A. Morera
  • Sharon G. & Joseph A. Patchett
  • Zhenhao Piao
  • Chip Schilb
  • Louise E. Single & Stephen G. Donald
  • Jack Sinuk
  • Justin M. Stone
  • Patrick K. Templeman
  • Fiona Newport Toth

  • Steven M. Adams
  • Brandon E. Adler
  • Edward B. & Camille F. Alexander
  • Gena S. & Mark A. Anderson
  • David S. & Judith I. Appel
  • AR Medical Solutions LLC
  • Lisa Q. Archibald
  • Kyle J. Ardavin
  • Graham E. & Laurie A. Argott
  • Daniel P. & Angela M. Armstrong
  • Peter C. & Cecilia V. Armstrong
  • Rajiv Asnani
  • Alex D. Auguste
  • Lisa Baker
  • Jessie B. Bauman
  • Laura P. & Timothy M. Bever
  • Matthew J. Biasini
  • Cecilia E. Billingsley
  • Mahmoud Bokoum
  • Susan M. Borland
  • Mason M. Brannon
  • Michael S. & Teri Brown
  • Robert W. & Donna L. Buffett
  • Benjamin J. & Stephanie J. Bush
  • H. Francis Bush
  • B. Dane & Terri L. Byers
  • Edward N. & Carolyn A. Calhoun
  • Kate L. & Edward S. Carter
  • Marcia G. Carty & Eddie L. Robinson
  • Irene V. & John N. Castelino
  • Monica M. Cerra
  • Teresa B. & Khe V. Chau
  • Thomas A. & Wendi R. Christensen
  • John C. & Gwen L. Connery
  • Tracy L. & Richard M. Conrad
  • Brady J. Cooper
  • Jeffrey R. Cooperman
  • Alexander J. & Melissa A. Crozier
  • Jill D. & Ronald J. Cunningham
  • Steven M. & Emily D. Demar
  • Kevin E. & Barbara L. Dembinski
  • Joseph M. & Kristen Devine
  • Timothy R. Devlin
  • Andres D. Diaz
  • Patrick Dierker
  • Chuck & Meredith Downton
  • Veronique Dubois
  • Michael F. & Ana L. Eisner
  • Kelly M. & John W. England
  • Joseph C. English
  • Kevin P. & Debra A. English
  • Kathryn L. Ennis
  • Patrick C. & Patricia H. Everett
  • Susan Fabbri
  • Florida Power & Light Co.
  • Ana M. Focil & Jorge Wagner
  • Blair M. Fonda
  • Jeffrey H. & Tamera M. Foster
  • Brian H. & Laura A. Fowler
  • Mrs. Brooke D. & Kurt M. Frahn
  • Dario E. Furman
  • Andrew M. Fussner
  • Michael W. & Mary K. Glick
  • Solomon E. Gonite
  • Joshua K. Graben
  • Patricia L. Green & Bill Gerrard
  • Stuart A. & Mrs. Cate J. Green
  • Michael & Gwen Haas
  • Lawrence A. Hamilton
  • Parisa Hamzetash
  • Geoffrey & Karen Heekin
  • Caryl L. Hippler Johnson & Ralph L. Johnson Jr.
  • Wesley R. Hitchcock
  • Drew S. & Kari M. Hoffman
  • John P. Howard
  • Brianna E. Huck-Eplin & William Henry Eplin
  • JoAnne Immesberger
  • Jonathon B. Irving
  • Denzel Jaglal
  • T. Michael & Melissa L. Janney
  • Stephen & Jackie Jayne
  • Daryl A. & Kathy S. Johnson
  • Susie Justice
  • Gerard J. Keeley
  • Barbara L. Keiger
  • Phyllis K. Kessler & Rick O. Helbing
  • Father Brian G. King
  • Tracey J. Kinker, CPA, PA
  • Lyle B. & Mrs. Ryanne Kotler
  • Brandon P. Ladoff
  • Lou Ann Lanier
  • Hector Leal
  • Vincent U. Levito
  • Steven C. Lewis & Patricia C. Hoag
  • Shawn Lindsey
  • Natalie D. & Kevin S. Little
  • Zijun Liu
  • Regina E. Lupoli
  • Lynda R. & Thomas K. Mack
  • Rachel L. Maher
  • Susan W. & Jeffrey L. Mapen
  • Alexander P. Marina
  • Charlene S. & Steve J. Masse
  • Paula M. & James J. Mathews
  • Lisa A. & Jarrod L. McAlister
  • Brooke Mengel
  • Joelen K. & Robert G. Merkel
  • Benjamin T. Meyer
  • Michael K. & Tina M. Meyer
  • Amanda M. & Jay Meyers
  • Christine S. & Donald W. Meyers III
  • Richard B. & Michelle G. Meyers
  • Maureen P. Moore
  • Kelly M. Morris-Stephens
  • Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence D. Morrison
  • Brian C. & Carol T. Murphy
  • Linda L. & Mark A. Mustico
  • Douglas C. & Lauren A. Neal
  • Lorie L. Nofsinger
  • Daniel M. & Maria R. Norris
  • J. Scott & Linda K. Norris
  • Cindy T. & Daniel J. O’Connell
  • Mirtha E. Obregon
  • Jennisa Paredes
  • Edward D. Parker
  • John G. & Georgia W. Parks
  • Alma J. & Michael A. Pascual Jr.
  • Michael R. Patrone
  • Thomas A. & Amanda R. Pence
  • Phyllis Kessler Revocable Trust
  • Glen P. & Terri B. Pinkston
  • Samantha G. Poppell
  • Donald G. Powell & Annette Mills
  • Gary J. & Frances A. Previts
  • Alexander D. & Michelle C. Reece
  • Avner Reoven
  • Gary S. & Teresa Resetar
  • Daniel Rivera
  • Kelly A. Rosica
  • Jennifer C. & Ricardo Ruz
  • Mary K. & Edward A. San Juan
  • Christopher M. & Rhonda K. Schaeffer
  • Thomas M. Schenck
  • Nancy S. & Scott Schermerhorn
  • Casie M. Schiffman
  • Mitchell S. & Mrs. Pei-Lan L. Schoenberg
  • John J. Schoendorf & Debra Durant
  • Scott P. Schwartz
  • Christine M. & Christopher J. Seal
  • Randy E. & Sylvia F. Settle
  • Dianne C. & Eric J. Shangold
  • Lindsey N. Shankman
  • Scott H. & Michele B. Shapiro
  • Terri W. & Mark C. Shealy
  • Lucy W. & David L. Skelton
  • Susan A. Smiley
  • Brad A. & Lauren B. Sokol
  • Jeffrey M. & Lisa L. Sperber
  • Angela M. & David Stawicki
  • Richard A. & Mrs. Krysti A. Stein
  • Jeffrey A. & Debra N. Steinberg
  • Dulce U. & Mike Stenglein
  • Mary R. & Mark D. Stouffer
  • Paul R. & Susan R. Suid
  • Stephen R. & Ann H. Swank
  • Alan L. Swartz
  • Victor W. & Lesly E. Thompson
  • Mark E. Timmes & Lorrie Miller
  • David T. Topping
  • Brian S. Traficante
  • Colin T. Trumble
  • Karen C. & Bruce Turpin
  • Kenneth J. Vitek
  • Debbie R. & Stephen H. Vogel
  • Sanjay D. Wadhwani
  • Lisa & Robert Wainland
  • Philip S. & Karen Wartenberg
  • Anne M. & Joseph C. Waryold Jr.
  • Otis R. Wathington
  • Madison A. Weigel
  • Joshua J. & Staci Weiner
  • Jack T. & Michelle S. Weissman
  • Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
  • Jessica E. Wenzell & Ryan Wenzel
  • Blair A. William & Anna Maria R. Royer
  • Karen A. & Charles B. Wilson
  • James D. & Mrs. Mallory D. Wright
  • Stephanie M. Wurster
  • Christine N. & John T. Zettel
  • Ye Zhang
  • Xiao L. Zha

  • AARP Foundation
  • Staci L. Abelow
  • Ann C. & Francisco J. Alsina
  • Paul L. Anderson
  • Virginia & Robert Banker
  • Harrison G. & Mrs. Kelcey M. Bidwell
  • Jackson A. Budnik
  • Teresa C. & Nick Cantore
  • Weizhi Cheng
  • Sharlene M. Clark
  • Scott M. & Julie Clements
  • Edward S. Cohen & Priscilla D. Nelson
  • Anthony G. & Patricia A. Coleman
  • Shannon E. Costello
  • Marshal H. & Cara A. Davis
  • Leonardo W. de Mendonca
  • Anthony Dispenziere
  • Maxim S. Dolinsky
  • Holly Dorsey
  • Robert F. Dow
  • Barry M. Dreayer & Sandra Jaffe
  • Matthew E. & Susan D. Edelman
  • Dawn C. & Keith Ennis
  • Nancy P. & Edward R. Fennell II
  • Danielle L. & Todd E. Fine
  • Josh J. Geary, CPA
  • Stephanie J. & E. Earl Gillain
  • Catherine E. Giordano
  • Alexandra R. Goldman
  • P. Jeffrey Goldstein
  • Trevor D. Grabhorn
  • Edward Halsey
  • Marissa B. Haramis
  • Mark W. & Carolyn A. Hatton
  • Stacy K. & Shaun M. Haycock
  • Jan C. Heflinger
  • Janella Heitkamp
  • Diana H. & Kerry Helinger
  • Dale E. Hocking
  • David F. Howle
  • Jennifer M. & Jordan K. Hurley
  • Kerry K. & Matthew S. Inger
  • Richard H. & Marilyn K. Jones
  • Hratch J. Karakachian & Marika Issakhanian
  • Samuel D. Khoury
  • Gregory D. Kirby (d) (d)
  • Lawrence A. Kraujalis
  • Bonnie M. & Jeffery S. Krone
  • Lynn E. & James R. Kupferschmid
  • Heather A. Lalor
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  • John J. Logsdon & Leyue Wang
  • Alexis J. Lyons
  • John R. & Marcia A. Maloy
  • Eileen M. & Gregory C. Marzak
  • Lori Ann Mason
  • Lindsey M. McCloskey
  • Jessica McKelvie Zeller & Zachary Edward Zeller
  • Alex E. Melton
  • Jason A. Meneses
  • Laura A. & David J. Miller
  • Jane F. & Brian P. Mormile
  • Sherrie C. Mueller
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  • Linda W. & Phillip J. Orfield
  • Xinyi Pan
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  • Sunil D. & Mrs. Priti Patel
  • Robert J. & Monica W. Perry
  • D. Mark & Dianne Pickhardt
  • Major Roger C. Pierce, USAF (Ret.) & Diann V. Dimitri
  • Kris L. & Emily L. Plunkett
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  • Gregory J. & Karen Ritter
  • Mrs. Joani B. & Samuel M. Ross
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  • Beth A. Warchol
  • Wells Fargo Foundation
  • James E. & Brenda D. Whitney
  • Paula L. & Eric J. Wilson
  • Donald G. & Angela E. Wishart
  • Rebecca G. Witschel
  • Richard J. & Vicky M. Wright
  • Edmond B. Youmans
  • Michael R. & Elizabeth Zern

These endowments provide annual support in perpetuity to the Fisher School of Accounting.

  • E. Lovelle Ahrano Scholarship
  • Sharon & David Apseloff Accounting Scholarship Fund
  • Gerard & Nancy Arsenault Family Master’s of Accounting Scholarship
  • Gina Babicz Memorial Fellowship
  • Batson-Siegel Accounting Scholarship
  • Blank Family Endowment
  • Bunch Family Accounting Scholarship
  • Joseph F. & Theresa A. Cannella Family Master’s in Accounting
  • J. Michael Cook / Deloitte Professorship Fund
  • Bob Crouch Family Accounting Excellence Fund
  • William E. Crown, Jr. Fellowship
  • Joy McCann Culverhouse Excellence in Accounting Fund
  • Richard E. Darby Accounting Scholarship
  • Kevin Michael & Sandra Mann Davis Family Scholarship
  • William E. Davis Family Fellowship in Accounting
  • Deloitte Partners Professorship Endowment
  • Duggan, Joiner & Co. Accounting Endowment
  • J. Roy Duggan Professorship
  • Ernst & Young Endowment
  • Ernst & Young Excellence Fund
  • Ernst & Young Professorship of Accounting
  • Frederick E. Fisher Accounting Fund
  • Frederick E. Fisher Eminent Scholar Chair
  • Fisher School of Accounting Enhancement Fund
  • Fisher School of Accounting Commemorative Gallery Fund
  • Fisher School of Accounting Director’s Excellence Fund
  • Chrislynn Freed Master of Accounting Student of the Year Award
  • Gerson Hall Excellence Support Fund
  • Gerson, Preston and Co. CPA Fellowship
  • Grant Thornton Faculty Fellowship
  • KPMG Professorship in Accounting
  • Jack Kramer Professorship
  • Robert N. Lowe, Jr. Family Accounting Scholarship
  • Joseph Lumia Memorial Fellowship
  • Roddy & Leslie Melendez Student Excellence Fund
  • Joelen K. and Robert G. Merkel Endowment
  • Joelen K. & Robert G. Merkel Master’s in Accounting Scholarship Endowment
  • Don Miller 5th Year Accounting Scholarship
  • Ralph W. Miller Scholarship
  • Becky B Moore Faculty Fund
  • Randall L. Parks Endowment
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Faculty Fellowship in Accounting
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Professorship in Accounting
  • Luciano Prida, Sr. Term Professorship
  • Leland M. Reiner Memorial Scholarship
  • The Bond Foundation, Inc. Endowment
  • Thibault Family Endowment
  • Aaron and Carly Topol Accounting Scholarship Endowment
  • Jim & Sandy Wadsworth Scholarship Endowment
  • Mark & Karen Wolfson Family Endowment
  • James W Wynns Accounting Excellence Fund
  • Robert Tache Family Accounting Scholarship
Bequest & Estate Commitments

  • Ann Alsina
  • David & Sharon Apseloff
  • Gerry & Nancy Arsenault
  • Drew Asher
  • Marion Averett
  • Justin Avery
  • Susan & Philip Bennett
  • Bernie Berkman
  • W Thomas Brooks
  • John Bumgarner
  • Steve & Melissa Bunch
  • Martin Chernoff
  • J Michael Cook
  • Henry Daniels
  • Jeff Davidson
  • K. Michael Davis
  • Timothy Deckert
  • Steve Demar
  • A Ross Evans
  • Jimmy Fischer
  • Fred Fisher
  • Gary French
  • Jack Guistwhite
  • Ryan & Julia Kittner
  • Michael Kohner
  • Chip Lane
  • Debbie & Andy Mason
  • Andrew McGhin Jr
  • Joelen Merkel
  • Henry & Peggy Miyares
  • Becky Moore
  • Eric and Giovanna Peburn
  • Bill Powers
  • Steve Rainey
  • Barbara Jean Raskin
  • Davis Rembert
  • Gary Resetar
  • Greg Rosica
  • Jay Rossin
  • Jerome Schine
  • Dr. John Simmons
  • Robert Tache
  • Doug Thompson
  • Charlie Uhrig
  • Alfred Warrington

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Impactful leadership

Fisher School alumni set the standard in accounting. They’re leaders in companies around the world, taking the footprint of the Fisher School with them as they go.

A graduate waves as he walks down the center of the O'Connell Center filled with graduates and other attendees

Accounting a community can count on

Moving to Navy bases around the world at a young age, Jason Wells (BSAc ‘00, MAcc ‘00) learned the value of community. With this experience, came an appreciation for whatever neighborhood he may find himself in.

As President and Chief Operating Officer of CenterPoint Energy, a utility company that provides electric and gas utility services across six states, Wells finds it a privilege to serve his community while leading electric and gas operations, customer service, regulatory and legislative affairs and information technology teams.

Before his time at CenterPoint Energy, Wells earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees simultaneously in the 3/2 Program at the Fisher School of Accounting. With a great interest in finance and economics, pursuing two degrees at once just made sense to Wells. With the skills gained from these degrees, Wells quickly rose through the ranks in the accounting world.

  • Victoria Silverstein (BSAc ’02, MAcc ’02) recently accepted a new role as Vice President of Strategy at Holiday Inn Club Vacations Inc. Previously, she served as Vice President for Financial Planning and Analysis.
  • Jose Martinez (BSAc ’99, MAcc ’01) was promoted to partner at EY. In his role, Martinez will serve the greater Atlanta area in tax management.
  • Larysa Switlyk (BSAc ’07, MAcc ’07) recently launched a new nonprofit, Unleashed Outdoor Education and Wildlife Conservation Inc. This nonprofit’s mission is to bring more people into the outdoors, educating them about wildlife conservation.
  • Jeff Wilensky (BSAc, MAcc ’97) was recently announced as SVP of Strategy & Growth at Prolocity, a leading Salesforce consultancy. He brings 22 years of experience in building & scaling professional service organizations to Prolocity.