Fisher School of Accounting 2021-22

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About the Fisher School of Accounting

The Fisher School is committed to providing global thought leadership by developing future professional and academic leaders through graduate education programs, creating influential research, and engaging with the global professional community.

The School provides a detailed focus on the complex skill of accounting. As one of the nation’s few freestanding accounting schools, students in the program experience a curriculum dedicated to growth in an intricate field. As a professional school in a top 5 public research university, the School is committed to scholarly research, teaching, and service to advance knowledge and prepare future leaders for business, professional, and academic careers.

From the Director's Desk

Our students, faculty, and staff are happy to be back on campus. Recruiters, alumni, and friends of the School have returned to campus for in-person events, including our Women in Accounting Symposium, our Professional Speaker Series, Beta Alpha Psi and Fisher School of Accounting Council events, and numerous recruiting activities. We survived and–dare I say, prospered–in the last two very difficult years because of the tremendous resilience of our students, faculty, and staff. The support of our alumni and friends has provided us with the foundation to make all this possible.

Accounting data analytics remains an important focus for us. In the last two years, we have hired two accounting analytics faculty members and added both a graduate and undergraduate analytics course to our curriculum. Our MAcc will soon have a concentration in accounting analytics to complement the existing concentrations in auditing and taxation. We are engaged in continuous improvement to make sure our graduates are as well prepared as any in the world.

You will find much good news in this report. Our students and faculty continue to make us proud with significant awards and recognition. Our faculty are extremely productive in research and teaching. The Fisher School undergraduate and graduate programs continue their high national rankings. Achieving high rankings is not our goal. Rather, we believe these high rankings simply reflect the quality of everything we do at Fisher, Warrington, and UF.

The contents of this report contain only a sampling of our activities over the last year. Please visit our website often to keep up with Fisher news and learn even more about our students, faculty, programs, and alumni.


Gary McGill
Senior Associate Dean, Warrington College of Business
Director, Fisher School of Accounting
Director, Hough Graduate School of Business

Gary McGill

Our Shared Purpose

The Fisher School serves business and accounting professionals and educators through innovative and high-quality teaching and research with a focus on providing the education necessary for successful careers in leadership positions. The School promotes the understanding and practice of accounting and business through its research, teaching and service.

Our Shared Values

  • The achievement of continuous improvement
  • Knowledge enhancement through high-quality research, which is broadly defined to include discovering new knowledge, integrating and applying that knowledge, and communicating it to others
  • High-quality, innovative and relevant professional and doctoral education
  • Broad faculty and staff involvement in the full range of mission related activities by recognizing and utilizing the unique skills and contributions of individual faculty and staff members
  • The sentiments and advice of the faculty are important to faculty governance
  • Academic excellence in all actions undertaken to fulfill our mission
  • An environment of collegiality and mutual respect
  • Active participation and support by our alumni and friends for our programs
  • Outreach to the business and professional community

Measures of Success

  • Overall recognition of the Fisher School brand
  • High level and improving placement in appropriate media rankings of accounting programs
  • Consistent ranking among the top ten public university accounting programs
  • Consistent ranking in the top half among the accounting programs of a set of defined peer schools
  • External recognition of the high quality and diversity of our students, faculty and staff
  • General satisfaction of stakeholders including students, faculty, administration, supporters, parents, recruiters and others
  • Alignment of resources and mission, objectives and activities
  • Adequacy and quality of physical and intellectual resources

Fisher School named the No. 10 accounting program in the nation

The Fisher School of Accounting’s undergraduate program was named the tenth best undergraduate accounting program among schools in U.S. News & World Report’s 2023 Best Colleges edition.

Among U.S. public universities, the Fisher School is ranked as the No. 5 best program, rising two spots from last year. The Fisher School continues to be the No. 1 ranked undergraduate accounting program in the state of Florida by U.S. News & World Report.

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Moving Accounting Forward

Fisher faculty play an integral role in the future of accounting on the Warrington campus, across the state and around the world. From developing the next generation of accountants to coming up with the next piece of impactful accounting research, Fisher faculty are united in their passion for the future.

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In the last five years, current faculty members produced 171 intellectual contributions, including publishing 55 articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Fisher faculty members have been published in these journals in the last 5 years:

  • The Accounting Review
  • Journal of Accounting Research
  • Accounting, Organizations and Society
  • Contemporary Accounting Research
  • Review of Accounting Studies
  • Accounting Horizons
  • Behavioral Research in Accounting
  • Issues in Accounting Education
  • Journal of Accounting Literature
  • Abacus
  • Journal of Business Ethics
  • Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory
  • International Journal of Auditing
  • The Journal of the American Taxation Association
  • National Tax Journal
  • International Tax Journal
  • Management Science
  • Real Estate Economics
  • and 10 other peer-reviewed journals

Fisher faculty members are involved at industry-impacting publications and boards.

Journal Editors
Editorial Review Boards
  • Marcus Kirk, Accounting Review and Contemporary Accounting Research
  • Robert Knechel, Contemporary Accounting Research
  • Paul Madsen, The Accounting Review, Accounting Horizons, and Issues in Accounting Education
  • Michael Mayberry, The Accounting Review, The Journal of the American Taxation Association, and The International Journal of Accounting
  • Michael Schadewald, Journal of State Taxation, Advances in Accounting Education: Teaching and Curriculum Innovations, and Research on Professional Responsibility and Ethics in Accounting
  • Jenny Tucker, The Accounting Review, Review of Accounting Studies, and Journal of Business Finance and Accounting
  • Bobby Carnes (Pennsylvania State University Ph.D.) was awarded the Warrington College of Business Graduate Teaching Award.
  • Lisa Hinson (University of Georgia Ph.D.) received the Financial Accounting and Reporting Section (FARS) Excellence in Reviewing Award.
  • Marcus Kirk (Emory University Ph.D.) was voted the Outstanding Faculty Award winner by the graduating Executive MBA cohort.
  • W. Robert Knechel (University of North Carolina Ph.D.) was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Nyenrode University. He was also appointed to a new PCAOB Advisory Group — Standards and Emerging Issues (SEIAG).
  • Paul Madsen (Emory University Ph.D.) was awarded the Outstanding Reviewer Award by The Accounting Review.
  • Michael Mayberry (Texas A&M University Ph.D.) was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure.
  • Gary McGill (Texas Tech University Ph.D.) was appointed Chair of the Accounting Accreditation Committee (AAC), AACSB International.
  • Ivy Munoko (Rutgers University Ph.D.) was awarded a competitive grant from UF Informatics for her project comparing AI decision making versus Human-AI collaborations in high-risk settings.
  • Mike Ricci (University of Georgia Ph.D.) was awarded the J. Michael Cook Teaching Excellence Award.

Welcome Cindy Dosch

The Fisher School is excited to welcome Cindy Dosch as a new lecturer. Dosch was a tax manager in global compliance and reporting in Ernst & Young’s Boca Raton office. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Master of Accounting from the Fisher School, where she was named Outstanding MAcc Student of the Year in 2016.

Cindy Dosch

Cindy Dosch

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The next generation of accounting

Students are at the core of everything we do at the Fisher School. Whether earning respected scholarships or being honored for their achievements on campus, Fisher students are ready to stand out in their internships and careers.

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Student Profile

Total students:


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Among the Best

The Fisher School has built a reputation as one of the most respected accounting programs in the world, and the rankings prove it.

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Degrees Conferred in 2021-22


Total undergraduate degrees:



Total graduate degrees:


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Eyes on the future

As the Fisher School grows, it does so because of a passionate alumni base. There are many ways alumni can help continue the forward momentum.

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Fisher 45 Legacy Challenge

The Fisher 45 Legacy Challenge is both a celebration of 45 years of the Fisher School of Accounting and a lasting tribute to the School’s bright future. During this five-year challenge, we are asking our alumni and friends to consider making an estate commitment to benefit the Fisher School of Accounting. We currently have 42 documented estate gifts and are aiming to bring that number to 45, representing the number of years since our School was founded.

For more information, contact:

Alison Law
Senior Director of Development
Warrington College of Business
Email Alison


  • Marion W. Averett (d)
  • William J. & Catherine T. Goodrum
  • Prem C. Jain
  • KPMG Foundation
  • John H. & Yvonne R. Whitcomb

  • Ernst & Young Foundation
  • Henry H. & Peggy B. Miyares
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

  • Gerard A. & Nancy L. Arsenault
  • J. Michael & Mary Anne Cook
  • Deloitte Foundation
  • Steven K. Rainey & Daphne A. Cook
  • Gregory A. & Holly S. Rosica
  • Robert Tache
  • James B. & Sandra M. Wadsworth

  • Anthony D. & Carla Beckman
  • Berkowitz Pollack Brant
  • Jeremy B. & Stephanie A. Blank
  • Ruth Camp Campbell Fdtn.
  • Joseph F. & Theresa A. Cannella
  • Cherry Bekaert LLP
  • Robert E. & Sharon Z. Chevalier
  • Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, Inc.
  • The Community Foundation, Inc.
  • Jason R. & Susan G. Connery
  • Cora Boyett Evans (d)
  • Archie D. Fagot
  • G. Thomas & Deborah J. Frankland
  • Arlie Green
  • Tammi L. Lowe
  • Becky B. Moore & W. David Ellrich Jr.
  • Lori G. & Kevin S. Nissen
  • North American Communities Foundation
  • Solon F. O’Neal Jr.
  • Chris E. Perkins
  • Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund
  • Robert W. & Daphne Scharar
  • Michael A. & Debra P. Seelig
  • Aaron S. & Carly D. Topol
  • Dave R. & Kristi K. Wagley

  • Daniel J. & Candice E. Amat
  • Justin B. & Lindsey Avery
  • Brian K. Barkley & Nancy Phillimore
  • Stephen M. & Melissa L. Bunch
  • Donald & Carole Chaiken Foundation
  • Carole Chaiken (d)
  • Donald Chaiken
  • Douglas L. & Melanie S. Cooper
  • Jonathan J. & Sheila H. Davies
  • Kevin Michael & Sandra M. Davis
  • Eli Lilly & Co. Foundation
  • Gary L. French
  • Colleen T. & Jeffrey C. Harrison
  • Jeffrey C. & Karen C. Jones
  • Jose Enrique Martinez
  • Carmen S. & Bert T. Mills
  • Steven E. Morrison
  • Sean M. & Maureen D. Richards
  • RSM US Foundation
  • Michelle Russo & Geoff Galster
  • Charles W. & Sylvia E. Uhrig
  • United Way Worldwide
  • James H. Vogt
  • Greg S. & Bettina W. Weiss
  • Christopher L. & Yeniley L. Winfrey
  • Jacob C. & Holly L. Wise
  • Morris C. & Ivonne G. Wycoff

  • Gregory B. Adams
  • Thomas R. & Dayna W. Arnold
  • Diane M. Barrett
  • Julie R. & Richard G. Baum
  • Barry N. & Arlene J. Berlin
  • Julie K. Blocker
  • Brad & Alexandra M. Bond
  • Mary L. & Edgar J. Bunch Jr.
  • Scott C. Cerutti
  • Janet Chive
  • Wendi R. & Thomas A. Christensen Jr.
  • Joseph G. & Amy S. Dowds
  • Sarah A. & Paul J. Du Wors
  • Robert C. Ellyson
  • Kelly M. & John W. England
  • Asim & Yasmeen S. Fareeduddin
  • Daniel J. & Vanessa F. Felgner
  • Frederick E. Fisher
  • Miguel A. & Kristin R. Fonseca
  • Jeffrey H. & Tamera M. Foster
  • John H. & Bethany P. Gardiner
  • Glenn N. Geffner
  • Steven P. & Nurit N. Haft
  • Derek J. & Tania Hamilton
  • Edward M. & Yaeko S. Hanna
  • R. Thomas Harrell
  • Kevin Herzberg
  • Neal A. & Cheryl D. Hochberg
  • James T. & Ulrike B. Houston
  • Kyle P. & Shannon B. Howry
  • Adrienne R. & Ryan M. Israel
  • Nathan T. Jerkins & Hsuany Shan
  • Kelly L. Johnson
  • George J. & Christine M. Kehl
  • Michael B. & Amy M. Klasfeld
  • Michael L. & Kimberly L. Kohner
  • Barbara A. & Nathan M. Laird
  • Zachary M. & Cynthia W. Leder
  • Howard A. & Melany G. Levenson
  • Chloe Lipking
  • Li Liu & Conor Mcnally
  • Deborah P. & Andrew J. Mason
  • Tyler A. Medley
  • Judith M. Mercier
  • Alan E. Mibab
  • Dean A. Millard
  • Richard J. & Honor C. Mills
  • Ira R. & Karen V. Nassi
  • Jason R. & Sabrina M. Natt
  • Paul J. & Rebecca L. Noris
  • Thais D. Rodriguez-Caez & Brian Caez
  • John M. & Eileen A. Sarris
  • Mark & Nancy J. Schroeder
  • Scott H. & Michele B. Shapiro
  • Paul H. Silverglate
  • Steven B. & Lauren P. Skor
  • David A. & Radostina T. Smalling
  • Justin M. Stone
  • Julie Haney & Robert S. Sullivan
  • Lara Thrush-Long & Brian T. Long
  • Toppino Family Charitable Trust
  • Charles P. & Kathleen P. Toppino
  • Adam J. Traub
  • Mark D. & Tina M. Veil
  • Emily T. Warthen
  • Marilyn M. & James E. Williams
  • R. Todd & Sharon F. Wilson
  • Xcel Energy Foundation

  • Edward B. & Camille F. Alexander
  • Ann C. & Francisco J. Alsina
  • Lisa Q. Archibald
  • Michael D. Ball
  • Matthew S. Boyle & Gretchen G. Woods
  • Joseramon Carrasco
  • Charities Aid Foundation America
  • Steven G. & Susan D. Christovich
  • Kenneth G. & Theresa M. Cochran
  • Kelly R. & Meredith B. Dee
  • Becton Dickinson & Co.
  • Dariya Dolgolova
  • Chamara R. Dummitt
  • Christina F. & Kurt A. Ewoldt
  • M. Timothy & Lois W. Farrell
  • Karen B. & David L. Fortune
  • Eileen Furey-Roy & Russell A. Roy
  • Bradley R. & Vanessa R. Gould
  • Hugh A. & Margaret H. Gower
  • Ashley L. Graham
  • Cary A. & Karen L. Gums
  • Stuart J. Haft & Allison Rogers-Haft
  • Jason J. Hakerem
  • Jonathan W. Hauser
  • Geoffrey & Karen Heekin
  • Roger A. & Kay C. Ingley
  • Clayton C. Johnson
  • Linda K. & Charles L. Johnson
  • Gregory D. & Mary S. Kirby
  • Klein Family Charitable Fund
  • Lisa Lettenmaier
  • David N. & Astrid Loving
  • Thomas J. & Kari C. Mainelli
  • Laura E. & Jeremy R. Marquis
  • Matthew C. McNamara & Christa M. Merklinger
  • Joelen K. & Robert G. Merkel
  • Erin M. Meyer
  • Charles A. & Danielle A. Morris
  • NextEra Energy Foundation, Inc.
  • Sharon G. & Joseph A. Patchett
  • Jill M. Ramirez
  • Peter L. Rosasco
  • Chip Schilb
  • Ben & Cameron L. Scott
  • Russell L. Sherman
  • April M. & Arthur J. Sinnott
  • Jack Sinuk
  • Brenton W. Steiner & Julie M. Maxwell-Steiner
  • Wayne & Alice W. Tharp
  • Joshua D. & Sarah P. Traband
  • David W. & Sarah M. Uslan
  • Ronald J. & Carolyn A. Yelland
  • YourCause, LLC Trustee / NextEra Energy
  • Xiao L. Zhao

  • Steven M. Adams
  • Brandon E. Adler
  • American Professional Accounting
  • David S. & Judith I. Appel
  • Jennifer L. & S. Scott Armstrong
  • Joshua L. Avilez
  • John T. & Theresa G. Bendall
  • Matthew J. Biasini
  • Bonnie S. Biumi
  • Bill & Marilyn L. Bogan
  • Kristen E. Brand & Eric E. Page
  • Mason M. Brannon
  • Dustin J. Breck
  • Jill H. Brickel
  • Michael S. & Teri Brown
  • Daniel J. Bryant
  • Robert W. & Donna L. Buffett
  • Benjamin Bukhar
  • Michelle K. & Jeffrey D. Butt
  • Deric V. & Tina Cablish
  • Kate L. & Edward S. Carter
  • Michael E. & Deborah Carter
  • Amy L. & Samuel A. Cavanaugh
  • Monica M. Cerra
  • Teresa B. & Khe V. Chau
  • Lisa A. & J. Boyd Commander
  • John C. & Gwen L. Connery
  • Elsie V. & Raymond Crippen
  • Alexander J. & Melissa A. Crozier
  • Jill D. & Ronald J. Cunningham
  • Katherine M. & Matthew Dalen
  • Stacy T. Dalton
  • Kevin E. & Barbara L. Dembinski
  • Matthew K. & Morgan M. Dembinski
  • Joseph M. & Kristen Devine
  • Forrest O. & Colleen C. Dillon
  • Lora L. & C. Edward Douglas
  • Michael C. Dutka
  • Negar S. & Dan Dyke
  • Elizabeth L. Edgerley
  • Dawn C. & Keith Ennis
  • Patrick C. & Patricia H. Everett
  • Brian C. & Hara A. Fischbein
  • Scott Fischer
  • Scott D. & Ashli E. Fischer
  • Dale L. & Tonya K. Flesher
  • Julie A. Flicker
  • Kevin P. & Tara A. Gannon
  • Michael W. & Mary K. Glick
  • David A. & Jennifer L. Glinter
  • Solomon E. Gonite
  • Cheryl L. & Scott E. Gordon
  • Patricia L. Green & Bill Gerrard
  • Stephen W. Greene
  • Marsha A. S. & Jeffrey Gross
  • Jack T. Hahne
  • Lawrence A. Hamilton
  • M. Redding & William G. Hamm
  • D. Douglas & Barbara W. Hill
  • Caryl L. Hippler Johnson & Ralph L. Johnson Jr.
  • Wesley R. Hitchcock
  • Jim J. & Lynn M. Hoctor
  • David C. & Mendie B. Hogan
  • Marion B. & Judy S. Hope
  • Keire R. & Frank D. Hosley
  • Brianna E. Huck Eplin & William Henry Eplin
  • Jennifer M. & Jordan K. Hurley
  • Janie H. & E. Jay Hutto
  • Walter A. Idlette III
  • Jonathon B. Irving
  • ITW Foundation
  • Elaine M. & Barry M. Jacobson
  • Patrick J. James
  • T. Michael & Melissa L. Janney
  • Adam L. & Keri J. Kaplan
  • Joshua A. Kaplan
  • Ronald M. Kaplan
  • Elizabeth H. & Briant L. Keen
  • Phyllis K. Kessler & Rick O. Helbing
  • Lyle B. & Ryanne Kotler
  • Knicks Lau
  • Steven C. Lewis & Patricia C. Hoag
  • Zijun Liu
  • Thomas E. Long
  • Lord, Abbett & Co. LLC
  • E. Louis & Rebecca L. Martin
  • Ronald A. & Rebecca P. Matamoros
  • Kevin D. Mathis
  • John S. Matteson
  • Ryan & Aron L. Mavros
  • Brandy N. Mazzaferro
  • Matthew A. McDonald
  • Jillian C. McSpadden
  • Michael K. & Donna C. Metzler
  • Benjamin T. Meyer
  • Michael K. & Tina M. Meyer
  • Suzanne R. & Geoffrey B. Miller
  • Jacquelyn E. Moorhead
  • John L. & Barbara Morgan
  • Jane F. & Brian P. Mormile
  • Linda L. & Mark A. Mustico
  • Douglas C. & Lauren A. Neal
  • Alexander Nhan
  • Daniel M. & Maria R. Norris
  • Thomas E. Oatmeyer
  • Linda W. & Phillip J. Orfield
  • Edward D. Parker
  • Matthew J. Parker
  • John G. & Georgia W. Parks
  • Alma J. & Michael A. Pascual Jr.
  • Thomas A. & Amanda R. Pence
  • PepsiCo
  • Richard H. Poliard
  • James A. Poore & Kathy A. Zgonce-Poore
  • Donald G. Powell & Annette Mills
  • Gary J. & Frances A. Previts
  • Property Watch
  • Purvis, Gray & Co.
  • Gary S. & Teresa Resetar
  • Bryan E. & Kristen Reyes
  • Adam J. Ridenour
  • Maria F. Riley
  • Gerald G. & Elaine Robinson
  • Raluca L. & Ciprian Romonti
  • Gregory J. & Andrea R. Rosen
  • Stefan A. & Glennys O. Rubin
  • Jeffrey L. & Nicole B. Rubinger
  • Jennifer C. & Ricardo Ruz
  • Michael D. & Natalie B. Sands
  • Christopher M. & Rhonda K. Schaeffer
  • Nancy S. & Scott Schermerhorn
  • Alexandra Schiffer
  • Casie M. Schiffman
  • Ryan P. Schipfer
  • Mitchell S. Schoenberg & Pei-Lan L. Schoenberg
  • Samuel E. Ser
  • Randy E. & Sylvia F. Settle
  • Dianne C. & Eric J. Shangold
  • Brion Lane Sharpe, CPA
  • Benjamin I. Shorstein
  • Gail R. Simmons
  • Lucy W. & David L. Skelton
  • Dennis M. & Angela R. Smith
  • Sherianne E. Spagnolo
  • Jeffrey M. & Lisa L. Sperber
  • William M. & Jacquelin M. Sprague
  • Richard A. & Krysti A. Stein
  • Jeffrey A. & Debra N. Steinberg
  • Paul R. & Susan R. Suid
  • Alan L. Swartz
  • Mark A. & Maureen W. Szymanski
  • The Thomas Sound Group, Inc.
  • Jack B. & Charis D. Thompson
  • Mark E. Timmes & Lorrie Miller
  • David T. Topping
  • Fiona Newport Toth
  • Norman E. Toy & Sandra K. Curry
  • Olga M. Vieira
  • Stephen H. & Debbie R. Vogel
  • Sanjay D. Wadhwani
  • Davis Waldorff
  • Michael R. & Karen Walters
  • Jack T. & Michelle S. Weissman
  • Danielle M. & Wesley L. Whitworth
  • Eric J. & Julie W. Wild
  • Tabitha T. & Christopher K. Wilkey
  • Blair A. William & Anna Maria R. Royer
  • Martha P. & John J. Willis
  • Paula L. & Eric J. Wilson
  • James D. Wright
  • Thomas E. & Colleen M. Zei
  • Brian M. & Melissa Zophin

  • AARP Foundation
  • Staci L. Abelow
  • Alexander E. Akar
  • Gena S. & Mark A. Anderson
  • Paul L. Anderson
  • Peter C. & Cecilia V. Armstrong
  • Jeffrey J. & Jill M. Bauman
  • Marc A. Benesh
  • Brian M. & Deborah J. Blacher
  • Emily M. Cribb & William D. Tiffin
  • Lisa M. Dirienzo
  • Robert F. Dow
  • Elizabeth A. & Steve Erickson
  • Nancy P. & Edward R. Fennell II
  • Richard S. & Judy H. Fenster
  • John L. & Linda L. George
  • Laura B. & Gordon C. Getter
  • P. Jeffrey Goldstein
  • Stuart A. & Cate J. Green
  • Edward Halsey
  • Lu A. & Timothy L. Harris
  • Diana H. & Kerry Helinger
  • Stephanie L. Huffstetler
  • David B. & Tammy K. Jenkins
  • Kathy & Matthew Jones
  • Scott A. & Diane T. Karp
  • Kenneth C. & Rhonda Katz
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  • Deborah M. Lambert
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  • Joshua C. Letts
  • Linda C. & Mark Levine
  • Janis C. & Charles L. Liotta
  • Mary C. Locke
  • John J. Logsdon & Leyue Wang
  • LouAnn M. Lutter
  • Hilen A. & Veronica A. Martin
  • Eileen M. & Gregory C. Marzak
  • Lori Ann Mason
  • Catherine & Michael D. Massey
  • Amrita S. & Bryan McRae
  • David J. & Laura A. Miller
  • Sherrie C. Mueller
  • David B. & Laura P. Munson
  • Major Roger C. Pierce, USAF (Ret.) & Diann V. Dimitri
  • Roger A. & Jennifer Pollak
  • Julie A. & Arthur Poole
  • Agustin & Gloria Prado
  • Steven E. Price & Jody Zenker
  • Jason M. Rappel
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  • Mary K. & Edward A. San Juan
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  • Madison A. Weigel
  • Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
  • Wells Fargo Foundation
  • Dariusz & Bogumila Wiech
  • Karen A. & Charles B. Wilson
  • Sydney P. & Trent Young
  • Michael R. & Elizabeth Zern
  • Shengxiong Zhang
  • Doris M. Zulueta & Henry L. Pujol III

These endowments provide annual support in perpetuity to the Fisher School of Accounting.

  • E. Lovelle Ahrano Scholarship
  • Sharon & David Apseloff Accounting Scholarship Fund
  • Gerard & Nancy Arsenault Family Master’s of Accounting Scholarship
  • Gina Babicz Memorial Fellowship
  • Batson-Siegel Accounting Scholarship
  • Blank Family Endowment
  • Bunch Family Accounting Scholarship
  • Joseph F. & Theresa A. Cannella Family Master’s in Accounting
  • J. Michael Cook / Deloitte Professorship Fund
  • Bob Crouch Family Accounting Excellence Fund
  • William E. Crown, Jr. Fellowship
  • Joy McCann Culverhouse Excellence in Accounting Fund
  • Richard E. Darby Accounting Scholarship
  • Kevin Michael & Sandra Mann Davis Family Scholarship
  • William E. Davis Family Fellowship in Accounting
  • Deloitte Partners Professorship Endowment
  • Duggan, Joiner & Co. Accounting Endowment
  • J. Roy Duggan Professorship
  • Ernst & Young Endowment
  • Ernst & Young Excellence Fund
  • Ernst & Young Professorship of Accounting
  • Frederick E. Fisher Accounting Fund
  • Frederick E. Fisher Eminent Scholar Chair
  • Fisher School of Accounting Enhancement Fund
  • Fisher School of Accounting Commemorative Gallery Fund
  • Fisher School of Accounting Director’s Excellence Fund
  • Chrislynn Freed Master of Accounting Student of the Year Award
  • Gerson Hall Excellence Support Fund
  • Gerson, Preston and Co. CPA Fellowship
  • Grant Thornton Faculty Fellowship
  • KPMG Professorship in Accounting
  • Jack Kramer Professorship
  • Robert N. Lowe, Jr. Family Accounting Scholarship
  • Joseph Lumia Memorial Fellowship
  • Roddy & Leslie Melendez Student Excellence Fund
  • Joelen K. and Robert G. Merkel Endowment
  • Joelen K. & Robert G. Merkel Master’s in Accounting Scholarship Endowment
  • Don Miller 5th Year Accounting Scholarship
  • Ralph W. Miller Scholarship
  • Becky B Moore Faculty Fund
  • Randall L. Parks Endowment
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Faculty Fellowship in Accounting
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Professorship in Accounting
  • Luciano Prida, Sr. Term Professorship
  • Leland M. Reiner Memorial Scholarship
  • The Bond Foundation, Inc. Endowment
  • Thibault Family Endowment
  • Aaron and Carly Topol Accounting Scholarship Endowment
  • Jim & Sandy Wadsworth Scholarship Endowment
  • Mark & Karen Wolfson Family Endowment
  • James W Wynns Accounting Excellence Fund
  • Robert Tache Family Accounting Scholarship
Bequest & Estate Commitments

  • Ann Alsina
  • David & Sharon Apseloff
  • Gerry & Nancy Arsenault
  • Drew Asher
  • Marion Averett
  • Justin Avery
  • Susan & Philip Bennett
  • Bernie Berkman
  • W Thomas Brooks
  • John Bumgarner
  • Steve & Melissa Bunch
  • Martin Chernoff
  • J Michael Cook
  • Henry Daniels
  • Jeff Davidson
  • K. Michael Davis
  • Timothy Deckert
  • Steve Demar
  • A Ross Evans
  • Jimmy Fischer
  • Fred Fisher
  • Gary French
  • Jack Guistwhite
  • Ryan & Julia Kittner
  • Chip Lane
  • Debbie & Andy Mason
  • Andrew McGhin Jr
  • Joelen Merkel
  • Becky Moore
  • Eric and Giovanna Peburn
  • Steve Rainey
  • Barbara Jean Raskin
  • Davis Rembert
  • Gary Resetar
  • Greg Rosica
  • Jay Rossin
  • Jerome Schine
  • Dr. John Simmons
  • Robert Tache
  • Doug Thompson
  • Charlie Uhrig
  • Alfred Warrington

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A Place of Pride

Fisher School graduates are impacting accounting and other industries around the world. They’re widening the footprint of The Gator Nation because of the strong foundation they received on campus.

Photo of Fisher School of Accounting graduates as they cross the stage overlaid on a graphical background
  • Troy Atlas (BSAc 1988, MAcc 1990) was named President and CEO of Home Safety Solutions.
  • Mike Balter (BSAc ’88) is Regional Managing Partner at Marcum. He was recently recognized by the South Florida Business Journal as a Power Leader in Business.
  • Christina Cabino-Weldon (MAcc 1996) was recently promoted to Controller/Water Division for DXP Enterprises, Inc. based out of Houston, Texas.
  • Mari Chumley (BSAc 2001, MAcc 2001) was promoted to Partner/Principal at RSM’s Orlando office.
  • Daryl Johnson (BSAc 1976) is the owner and sole proprietor of Daryl A. Johnson, CPA. He has been a practicing CPA in Lakeland for over 37 years with his own professional practice.
  • Steve Morrison (BSAc ’99) is a Partner and National Director of Audit at CohnReznick, the nation’s 14th largest CPA firm. Recently, he was also named to a PCAOB advisory group that advises on existing standards, proposed standards, potential new standards, and on matters other than standards.
  • Yesenia Scheker Izquierdo (BSAc 1999, MAcc 1999) was recently named KPMG’s New York Office Managing Partner and New York Market Hub Leader. She is the first woman and Latina in the role.