Fisher School of Accounting 2019-20

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About the Fisher School of Accounting

The Fisher School is committed to providing global thought leadership by developing future professional and academic leaders through graduate education programs, creating influential research, and engaging with the global professional community.

Our mission reflects the Fisher School’s commitment to enhancing the intellectual capital of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as our intent to instill an ethic of lifelong learning in our students. The mission reflects the importance we place in our graduate programs to produce ethical and thoughtful leaders of the accounting profession, to develop the faculty of the future, and to contribute to research that solves current and future problems.

From the Director's Desk

The year 2020 has brought us all many challenges. I’m happy to report that our students, faculty, and staff have met those challenges with tremendous energy and enthusiasm. We are all united in our goal to make this year a positive experience. We were lucky that the Warrington College of Business has long been a leader in online education. And we were doubly lucky that the support of our alumni and friends has provided us with the financial resources to obtain state-of-the-art technology for use by our students and faculty. Without such additional resources, I would be reporting a different story today.

We are moving forward in the important area of accounting data analytics. The Warrington College created an undergraduate business analytics course that all College undergraduates will complete. Our accounting undergraduate courses continue to be improved with the addition of cases and content that produce an analytics mindset. And our Master of Accounting (MAcc) program will contain a new accounting analytics course beginning Fall 2021. We are developing a MAcc concentration in accounting analytics that will complement the existing concentrations in auditing and taxation. In short, we are engaged in continuous improvement to make sure our graduates are the best in the world.

Despite the complexities caused by the pandemic, I have much good news to report. Our students and faculty continue to make us proud with significant awards and recognition. The Fisher School undergraduate and graduate programs are ranked 6th and 9th respectively among public institutions in the latest U.S. News & World Report rankings. We are also excited that the University as a whole is now ranked 6th. Achieving high rankings is not our goal. Rather, we believe these high rankings simply reflect the quality of everything we do at Fisher, Warrington, and UF.

The contents of this report contain only a sampling of our activities over the last year. Please visit our website often to keep up with Fisher news and learn even more about our students, faculty, and programs.


Gary McGill
Director, Fisher School of Accounting
Associate Dean, Warrington College of Business

Gary McGill sitting at his desk

Our Mission

The Fisher School serves business and accounting professionals and educators through innovative and high-quality teaching and research with a focus on providing the education necessary for successful careers in leadership positions. The School promotes the understanding and practice of accounting and business through its research, teaching and service.

Shared Values

  • The achievement of continuous improvement
  • Knowledge enhancement through high-quality research, which is broadly defined to include discovering new knowledge, integrating and applying that knowledge, and communicating it to others
  • High-quality, innovative and relevant professional and doctoral education
  • Broad faculty and staff involvement in the full range of mission related activities by recognizing and utilizing the unique skills and contributions of individual faculty and staff members
  • The sentiments and advice of the faculty are important to faculty governance
  • Academic excellence in all actions undertaken to fulfill our mission
  • An environment of collegiality and mutual respect
  • Active participation and support by our alumni and friends for our programs
  • Outreach to the business and professional community

Measures of Success

  • Overall recognition of the Fisher School brand
  • High level and improving placement in appropriate media rankings of accounting programs
  • Consistent ranking among the top ten public university accounting programs
  • Consistent ranking in the top half among the accounting programs of a set of defined peer schools
  • External recognition of the high quality and diversity of our students, faculty and staff
  • General satisfaction of stakeholders including students, faculty, administration, supporters, parents, recruiters and others
  • Alignment of resources and mission, objectives and activities
  • Adequacy and quality of physical and intellectual resources

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Leading the Way

Faculty are the backbone of the Fisher School. Whether producing the next piece of influential research or building young minds in a classroom setting, Fisher faculty have a direct impact on the accounting profession.

Jennifer Tucker and Johannes Impink collaborate with a PhD student
In the last five years, 15 current faculty members published 67 articles in peer-reviewed journals

The research component of the Fisher School mission is important. In the last five years, 15 current faculty members published 67 articles in peer-reviewed journals. These include:

  • The Accounting Review
  • Journal of Accounting Research
  • Accounting, Organizations and Society
  • Contemporary Accounting Research
  • Review of Accounting Studies
  • Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory
  • The Journal of the American Taxation Association
  • National Tax Journal
  • Management Science
  • and 20 other journals
  • Dr. W. Robert Knechel (University of North Carolina PhD), Frederick E. Fisher Eminent Scholar and Director of the International Accounting and Auditing Center, is one of 33 faculty members at the University of Florida to be named a UF Research Foundation (UFRF) Professor for 2020.
  • The University of Florida Warrington College of Business recognized faculty members Dr. Michael Mayberry (Texas A&M University PhD) and Dr. Steve Tufts along with advisor Melissa Forgione as its 2019-2020 Teaching/Advising Award winners.
  • Jennifer Wu Tucker (New York University PhD), Cook/Deloitte Professor, named an editor at Contemporary Accounting Research.
  • W. Robert Knechel (University of North Carolina PhD) was named Senior Editor of The Accounting Review, the most prestigious scholarly journal of the American Accounting Association. Knechel, Frederick Fisher Eminent Scholar in Accounting, ranks number 3 in the world based on auditing publications in top scholarly journals over the last 12 years according to the Brigham Young University Accounting Rankings database.
  • Blake Bowler (Northwestern University PhD), W. Robert Knechel (University of North Carolina PhD), and Michael Ricci (University of Georgia PhD) were awarded a 2020 Center for Audit Quality research grant.

Welcome Dr. Pundrich

Help us welcome Dr. Gabriel Pundrich as an assistant professor at the Fisher School. Dr. Pundrich received his PhD from the University of Technology in Sydney and comes to us from Bocconi University.

Gabriel Pundrich

A legacy of helping students

Professor Williard Everard Stone (1910-2003) was appointed to the University of Florida faculty from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1960 with his eyes set on a long-term goal—turning the academic programs in accounting into some of the nation’s finest. During his tenure at UF, he took pride in helping students and raising the quality of accounting programming.

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The next generation of accounting

The student experience at the Fisher School plays an integral role in our quality graduates. Our students are involved in experiential learning, student organizations and consistently spend time around recruiters from the nation’s premier accounting firms.

Students interacting in Gerson Hall

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Committed to the future

Fisher School alumni have all been impacted in unique ways throughout their time on campus. From growing a passion for the profession to meeting a lifelong network of friends and colleagues, the impact often creates action. Whether returning to the Fisher School to recruit or by giving back, alumni take pride in making sure future generators can be impacted while on campus.

Jane Sun speaks with Fisher students

Shape the Fisher School’s future

The Fisher 45 Legacy Challenge is both a celebration of 40 years of the Fisher School of Accounting and a lasting tribute to the School’s bright future. During this five-year challenge, we are asking our alumni and friends to consider making an estate commitment to benefit the Fisher School of Accounting. We currently have 31 documented estate gifts and are aiming to bring that number to 45, representing the number of years since our School was founded.

For more information, contact:

Alison Law
Senior Director of Development
Warrington College of Business
Email Alison


  • David & Sharon Apseloff
  • William J. & Catherine Goodrum
  • Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta
  • KPMG Foundation
  • Judy A. Warrington

  • Thomas R. & Dayna W. Arnold
  • Deloitte Foundation
  • Henry H. & Peggy B. Miyares
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

  • Joseph F & Theresa A. Cannella
  • Ernst & Young Foundation
  • Glenn S. & Chrislynn W. Freed
  • Gulf Coast Community Foundation, Inc.
  • David P. & Josephine Nichols
  • Steven K. Rainey & Daphne A. Cook
  • James B. & Sandra M. Wadsworth

  • Andrew L. Joetta L. Asher
  • Anthony D. & Carla Beckman
  • Cherry Bekaert LLP
  • Jeremy B. & Stephanie A. Blank
  • Martin Chernoff
  • Robert E. & Sharon Z. Chevalier
  • J. Michael & Mary Anne Cook
  • Jason R. & Susan G. Connery
  • Matthew & Doris B. Geller
  • Grant Thornton Foundation
  • Jeffrey C. & Karen C. Jones
  • Tammi L. Lowe
  • Rodrigo J. & Leslie A. Melendez
  • Solon F. O’Neal, Jr.
  • Lori G. & Kevin S. Nissen
  • Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund
  • Robert Tache
  • Aaron S. & Carly D. Topol
  • Dave R. & Kristi K. Wagley

  • Gerard A. & Nancy L. Arsenault
  • Ilene M. & Edward Blum
  • Alexandra M. & Brad Bond
  • The Bond Foundation, Inc.
  • Donald Chaiken
  • Donald & Carole Chaiken Foundation
  • Crowe LLP
  • J. Michael & Kim F. Custer
  • Jonathan J. & Sheila H. Davies
  • Gary L. French
  • Irvin N. & Darlene Gleim
  • George J. & Christine M. Kehl
  • Bert T. & Carmen S. Mills
  • Steven E. Morrison
  • Florence E. & Jesse B. Ostrum
  • Nick J. & Melanie G. Reader
  • Sean M. & Maureen D. Richards
  • Gregory A. & Holly S. Rosica
  • RSM US Foundation
  • Becky Sproul
  • Steve & Holly L. Thibault
  • Charles W. & Sylvia E. Uhrig
  • James H. Vogt
  • Greg S. & Bettina W. Weiss
  • Ruth Camp Campbell Fdtn.

  • Gregory B. Adams
  • Daniel J. & Candice E. Amat
  • Justin B. & Lindsey Avery
  • Diane M. Barrett
  • Barry N. & Arlene J. Berlin
  • Kent N. & Alexa Berry
  • Jennifer L. Leavengood & Stephen G. Blume
  • Edgar J. & Mary L. Bunch
  • Stephen M. & Melissa L. Bunch
  • Joseramon Carrasco
  • Scott C. & Christine C. Cerutti
  • Janet Chive
  • Wendi R. & Thomas A. Christensen, Jr.
  • Rolando C. Cicarelli
  • Douglas L. & Melanie S. Cooper
  • Bradley S. Crawford
  • Diana L. & Melvin Delgado
  • Paul A. & Denise Demick
  • Robert C. & Marilyn D. Ellyson
  • Kelly M. & John W. England
  • ExxonMobil Corp.
  • Asim & Yasmeen S. Fareeduddin
  • Frank S. & Susan M. Ferreri
  • Frederick E. & Aleta B. Fisher
  • Kristin R. & Miguel A. Fonseca
  • Janet S. Foshee
  • Jeffrey H. & Tamera M. Foster
  • FrontStream
  • Thomas A. Gajeski
  • Glenn N. & Bonnie S. Geffner
  • Ashley L. Graham
  • Tiffany S. & Derek C. Green
  • Edward M. & Yaeko S. Hanna
  • R. Thomas Harrell
  • David R. Hazels
  • Neal A. & Cheryl D. Hochberg
  • Kyle P. & Shannon B. Howry
  • Richard S. & Hilary H. Ingham
  • Gregory D. & Mary S. Kirby
  • Kimberly L. & Michael L. Kohner
  • Daniel W. & Jean A. Koivu
  • Bruce D. & Elizabeth C. Landrum
  • Jeannette M. Leighton
  • Scott A. Mager
  • Joseenrique Martinez
  • Andrew J. & Deborah P. Mason
  • Howard A. & Melany G. Levenson
  • Robert W. McKee
  • Daniel D. & Debi V. McRae
  • Tyler A. Medley
  • Steven G. & Adrienne D. Messing
  • James R. & Kira J. Metcalfe
  • Alan E. Mibab
  • Kevin Michael & Sandra M. Davis
  • Richard J. & Honor C. Mills
  • Thomas M. Munas
  • Michele R. & Brian R. Murphy
  • Vincent P. Oatis III
  • Tony R. & Tiffany H. Otero
  • Debbie M. & Jeff Oviedo
  • Michael C. & Kerri Percent
  • Pinellas Community Foundation
  • Brian K. Barkley & Nancy Phillimore
  • Thais D. Rodriguez-Caez & Brian Caez
  • Michael E. & Michele R. Safra
  • Scott D. & Ilisa E. Sarbey
  • John M. & Eileen A. Sarris
  • David & Lorel Schinasi
  • Mark & Nancy J. Schroeder
  • Scott H. & Michele B. Shapiro
  • Richard H. & Patricia M. Simonet
  • Steven B. & Lauren P. Skor
  • Laura L.& John E. Slogar
  • David A. & Radostina T. Smalling
  • Dean G. Sorrentino
  • Julie Haney & Robert S. Sullivan
  • Lara Thrush-Long & Brian T. Long
  • Adam J. Traub
  • Stephen G. Blume Trust
  • United Way Worldwide
  • Emily T. & Wake Warthen
  • Aviva Werde
  • R. Todd & Sharon F. Wilson
  • Christopher L. & Yeniley L. Winfrey
  • Jacob C. & Holly L. Wise
  • Morris C. & Ivonne G. Wycoff

  • Edward B. & Camille F. Alexander
  • Ann C. & Francisco J. Alsina
  • Lisa Q. Archibald
  • Cecilia E. Billingsley
  • Steven G. & Susan D. Christovich
  • Eric M. Coombs
  • Stephanie S. & Antonio Correa
  • Lance A. Cottle
  • Darden Restaurants, Inc. Foundation
  • Kevin E. & Barbara L. Dembinski
  • Matthew K.& Morgan M. Dembinski
  • Sarah A. & Paul J. Du Wors
  • Robert L. Edris
  • Kevin P. & Debra A. English
  • Christina F. & Kurt A. Ewoldt
  • Joshua A. Fein & Maryjo Lauterio-Fein
  • Karen B. & David L. Fortune
  • Susan K. & Jeffery L. Fuller
  • Kevin P. & Tara A. Gannon
  • Holly L. Gershow & Daniel W. Singer
  • The Glenmede Corp.
  • David A. & Jennifer L. Glinter
  • Sheryll A. Goedert
  • Bradley R. & Vanessa R. Gould
  • Hugh A. & Margaret H. Gower
  • Patricia L. Green Bill Gerrard
  • Stuart J. Haft & Allison Rogers-Haft
  • Cynthia L. Hansen & Bradley B. Hansen
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  • Michelle K. & Jeffrey D. Butt
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  • Michael E. & Deborah Carter
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  • E. Lovelle Ahrano Scholarship
  • Sharon & David Apseloff Accounting Scholarship Fund
  • Gerard & Nancy Arsenault Family Master’s of Accounting Scholarship
  • Gina Babicz Memorial Fellowship
  • Batson-Siegel Accounting Scholarship
  • Blank Family Endowment
  • Joseph F. & Theresa A. Cannella Family Master’s in Accounting Scholarship
  • J. Michael Cook / Deloitte Professorship Fund
  • Bob Crouch Family Accounting Excellence Fund
  • William E. Crown, Jr. Fellowship
  • Joy McCann Culverhouse Excellence in Accounting Fund
  • Richard E. Darby Accounting Scholarship
  • Kevin Michael & Sandra Mann Davis Family Scholarship
  • William E. Davis Family Fellowship in Accounting
  • Deloitte Partners Professorship Endowment
  • Duggan, Joiner & Co. Accounting Endowment
  • J. Roy Duggan Professorship
  • Ernst & Young Endowment
  • Ernst & Young Excellence Fund
  • Ernst & Young Professorship of Accounting
  • Frederick E. Fisher Accounting Fund
  • Frederick E. Fisher Eminent Scholar Chair
  • Fisher School of Accounting Enhancement Fund
  • Fisher School of Accounting Commemorative Gallery Fund
  • Fisher School of Accounting Director’s Excellence Fund
  • Chrislynn Freed Master of Accounting Student of the Year Award
  • Gerson Hall Excellence Support Fund
  • Gerson, Preston and Co. CPA Fellowship
  • Grant Thornton Faculty Fellowship
  • KPMG Professorship in Accounting
  • Jack Kramer Professorship
  • Robert N. Lowe, Jr. Family Accounting Scholarship
  • Joseph Lumia Memorial Fellowship
  • Andy & Debbie Mason Accounting Fund
  • Roddy & Leslie Melendez Student Excellence Fund
  • Joelen K. and Robert G. Merkel Endowment
  • Joelen K. & Robert G. Merkel Master’s in Accounting Scholarship Endowment
  • Don Miller 5th Year Accounting Scholarship
  • Ralph W. Miller Scholarship
  • Becky B Moore Faculty Fund
  • Randall L. Parks Endowment
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Faculty Fellowship in Accounting
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Professorship in Accounting
  • Luciano Prida, Sr. Term Professorship
  • Leland M. Reiner Memorial Scholarship
  • The Bond Foundation, Inc. Endowment
  • Thibault Family Endowment
  • Aaron and Carly Topol Accounting Scholarship Endowment
  • Jim & Sandy Wadsworth Scholarship Endowment
  • Mark & Karen Wolfson Family Endowment
  • James W Wynns Accounting Excellence Fund
Deferred Gifts

  • David & Sharon Apseloff
  • Gerry & Nancy Arsenault
  • Drew Asher
  • Marion Averett
  • Susan & Philip Bennett
  • Bernie Berkman
  • W Thomas Brooks
  • John Bumgarner
  • Martin Chernoff
  • J Michael Cook
  • Henry Daniels
  • Jeff Davidson
  • K. Michael Davis
  • Timothy Deckert
  • Steve Demar
  • A Ross Evans
  • Jimmy Fischer
  • Fred Fisher
  • Gary French
  • Jack Guistwhite
  • Ryan & Julia Kittner
  • Debbie & Andy Mason
  • Andrew McGhin Jr
  • Joelen Merkel
  • Becky Moore
  • Steve Rainey
  • Barbara Jean Raskin
  • Davis Rembert
  • Gary Resetar
  • Greg Rosica
  • Jay Rossin
  • Jerome Schine
  • Dr. John Simmons
  • Doug Thompson
  • Charlie Uhrig
  • Alfred Warrington

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Built for influence

The rigorous curriculum of the Fisher School prepares students to stand out on day one of their internships or full-time jobs. Whether learning in the classroom or networking with peers, Fisher School students are preparing to be immediately impactful employees in the accounting profession.

Students in a classroom

Fisher School stands strong in rankings

The Fisher School had another strong year in the rankings. U.S. News & World Report ranked the Fisher graduate program as the No. 9 public and No. 17 overall. It was the sixth straight year where the graduate program ranked in the top 10 publics. The publication also ranked the undergraduate programs as the No. 6 public and No. 11 overall.

Public Accounting Report ranked Fisher’s undergraduate and graduate programs as the No. 4 public and No. 7 overall. The publication also ranked Fisher’s doctoral program as the No. 13 public and No. 17 overall.

99% of accounting graduates had a job offer before graduation

Student Profile

Total students:


Incoming graduate students (Fall 2020):

  • Average GMAT score: 644
  • Average accounting GPA: 3.54

Degrees Conferred



Alumni id="alumni"

A network for life

Graduating from the Fisher School is only the beginning. When our alumni go into the accounting profession, they do so with a strong network of contacts that can be problem-solving assets or help graduates move up to new roles in their career.

Graduating students at their ceremony
  • Elizabeth Castro Gulacsy (BSAc 1996, MAcc 1996) is the Chief Accounting Officer at SeaWorld Entertainment. She was recently appointed interim Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, while retaining her role as CAO. Gulacsy has been with the company for seven years and has previously served as interim CFO and Treasurer.
  • Scott Foelgner (BSAc 2007) has been named Regional Controller for Acreage Holdings, the largest vertically integrated, multi-state owner of cannabis licenses and assets in the U.S.
  • Brad Gould (BSAc 1998, MAcc 1998), a shareholder in Dean Mead’s Stuart and Fort Pierce offices, has been appointed as chair of the Tax Section of the American Bar Association’s (ABA) S Corporations Committee for 2020-2022. Gould previously served as vice chair of the ABA S Corporations Committee.
  • David Hogan (BSAc 1985) was named the managing partner of Ronald Blue & Co. CPAs. In this role, he will be responsible for leading firm operations, strategic planning and vision casting.
  • Traci Pumo (BSAc 2000, MAcc 2000, JD 2003, LLM 2004) was recently promoted to Tax Partner at BDO.
  • Mike Silva (BSAc 1990, MAcc 1994, JD 1994) is partner at McDermott Will & Emery. The office recently expanded its Miami Tax and Private Client presence with a six-member team including Silva.
  • John VanDuzer (BSAc, MAcc 2008) moderated the 10th Annual Gainesville Real Estate Forum on February 6, 2020. The annual event is held to allow industry professionals and those who work with them an opportunity to discuss the current state of business and real estate.
  • Jeremy Wright (BSAc 2009, MAcc 2009), CPA, has been named Partner at James Moore & Company. A member of the firm for nearly nine years, Wright focuses on commercial businesses and has experience across a wide range of compliance and advisory services.