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New Course in Advanced Persuasion, GEB 6930 Advanced Persuasive Communication

Introduced in Fall 2012, the Center for Management Communication’s GEB 6930 Advanced Persuasive Communication equips students with insights from anthropology, behavioral economics, organizational behavior, cognitive psychology, and affective neuroscience to enable MBAs to enter the workforce—and everyday life—with the skills to persuade employers, clients, and colleagues.

The course concentrates on the skills MBAs (and the rest of us) need to understand and negotiate others’ expectations, understandings, and biases, focusing on three key areas: situational intelligence, the psychology of persuasion, and hard-wired human instincts. All three operate in the workplace and permeate our written and oral communication—whether we’re aware of these forces or not. The course covers cognitive psychology and persuasive strategies that rely on our all-too-human and highly vulnerable judgmental heuristics, the meaning of facial expressions and body language, and how our own emotional makeup influences our perceptions, choices, reactions, and behavior. The course’s final assignment requires students to leverage the knowledge they glean during the course, in addition to controlling and identifying their facial expressions and non-verbal cues, captured on video in closeup and medium shots.

An MBA graduate, now in finance at Procter & Gamble and who took the course during the first semester it was offered, offered her takeaways from the course, a year later:


Thank you for introducing me to Cialdini / Goleman and bestowing your wisdom to our class last fall. I purchased my first car last night and had the most enjoyable experience. I wish you could have recorded it and used it to replace the memory of my awkward interview with you. I had him sweating, flustered and $5100 below what Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds said the value was. The experience was awesome. Your advanced class was the most practical, thought-provoking class I have ever taken.

Thank you for challenging what I accept from life.

Nia John


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