Fiona Barnes

Center Director

Fiona Barnes is the Director of the Management Communication Center at the University of Florida's Warrington College of Business where she teaches professional communication to undergraduates and graduate students. Dr. Barnes received a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has over 20 years' experience teaching writing on two continents. She has developed and taught writing courses and workshops for students and professionals in the fields of engineering, medicine, psychology, business, and chemistry. Dr. Barnes can be heard on NPR in "Recess!" a radio show about children's literature and culture.



Management Communication, Intercultural Communication

Jane Douglas

Associate Professor, Management Communication

Professor Douglas uses research in neuroscience, clinical psychology, organizational behavior, and psycholinguistics to teach professional writing in the undergraduate, masters, and MBA programs. Her current research relies on schema theory and cognition to understand the adoption and uptake of innovations. An eleven-year veteran of advertising agencies in New York and London, Douglas has also worked as a sociologist and an English professor prior to her arrival at the Warrington College of Business. She has published over 30 articles in nine different fields and has received grants from National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health. Jane Douglas won the MBA Option B Outstanding Core Faculty award, as well as the college's award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching for 2012.



Management Communication, cognition and organizational behavior, cognitive psychology and writing

Dorothy McCawley

Director of Business Communication, Written Communication Coordinator

Dr. McCawley, an 18-year veteran of entrepreneurship, calls upon her experience and her own MBA to teach professional writing to graduate students in the Warrington College of Business MBA Programs. In addition, she administers the writing courses for the MBA Programs where her experience as business-owner of a third-party administrator is useful. Prior to joining the Warrington College of Business, Dr. McCawley has developed and taught writing courses for students in the fields of sociology, medicine, gerontology, psychology, and communication sciences and disorders.


M. Sean Limon

Oral Communication Coordinator

M. Sean Limon is currently the Oral Communication Coordinator for the Management Communication Center in the Warrington College of Business, where he teaches how to give high impact presentations. Dr. Limon has taught and consulted in the communication field for over ten years. He has taught courses and workshops for students and professionals in the areas of presentation skills, teamwork, leadership, organizational culture, and conflict.



Speaking and Presentation skills, teamwork, and interpersonal skills in the organization

Rachel Slivon

Ph.D., Lecturer

Dr. Rachel Slivon teaches professional communication and writing in the specialized masters and MBA programs at the Warrington College of Business. Dr. Slivon has over ten years' experience teaching and developing courses and workshops in oral and written communication for undergraduate and graduate students. Prior to joining the Management Communication Center, she developed and taught courses in technical writing, professional writing for engineers, and public speaking.


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