Executive Board

WGG Executive Board members
  • Julia Francis
    Julia Francis

    Position: President
    Major(s): Marketing and International Business
    Minor(s): International Development & Humanitarian Assistance
    Why WGG: “Being a part of Warrington Goes Green has been the highlight of my college career. It is so amazing to be surrounded by such hardworking and passionate people that care so much about making the world a better place. I have grown as a person through this organization and I can’t wait to continue spreading WGG energy throughout the business school :)”

  • Caroline Brousse
    Caroline Brousse

    Position: Vice President
    Major(s): Marketing, Sustainability Studies
    Why WGG: “WGG has given me the ability to surround myself with some of the best people here at UF. I am inspired every day by the drive and passion that everyone has to make a change and continue learning with an open mind. Those in WGG will make a true impact on the world and I feel so lucky to be apart of that change here in Warrington and beyond.”

  • Gabby Schoenmaker
    Gabby Schoenmaker

    Position: Treasurer
    Major(s): Finance
    Minor(s): Sustainability Studies
    Why WGG: “Warrington Goes Green is a bridge between business and sustainability. I have always been drawn toward practices that are eco friendly, as I believe it is essential for us as the upcoming generation to hold ourselves accountable for our environmental impact. Warrington Goes Green is a way for business students all around to learn about the importance of their actions and make changes for the better. It is an honor to work with other students who share my passion.”

  • Mia Crisostomo
    Mia Crisostomo

    Position: Marketing
    Major(s): Marketing, Sustainability Studies
    Why WGG: “Warrington Goes Green has given me the chance to bring what I have learned through my courses in sustainability into the business school. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of the businesses that they support. This organization helps spread awareness about the importance of environmental sustainability to the people who will be shaping our shared future.”

  • Kierstan Williams
    Kierstan Williams

    Position: External Relations
    Major(s): Information Systems and International Business
    Why WGG: “Warrington Goes Green has given me the opportunity to involve myself in an organization that I am truly passionate about. It gives students a bigger picture of what’s happening in the world and gives us a chance to take active steps in creating a sustainable, long-term future that will impact future generations to come. I have learned so much from the people involved in this organization; WGG has not only changed my daily habits but has inspired me to become vegetarian.”

  • Saige Hyde
    Saige Hyde

    Position: Internal Relations
    Major(s): Marketing
    Minor(s): Event Management
    Why WGG: “I joined WGG to create a difference within a place that is not societally expected to be environmentally friendly and to change my fellow business people’s minds!”

  • Sam Douglass
    Samantha Douglass

    Position: Programming
    Major(s): Economics and Sustainability Studies
    Why WGG: “Warrington Goes Green is a place where I have been able to merge my passions in a way that wasn’t possible before. Teaching members about sustainability has helped to create a more holistic view of the future and what it means for future business leaders. Also, WGG has given me the opportunity to meet and connect with students with similar passions who inspire me every day to be a better and greener human!”