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The University of Nottingham Ningbo China is situated on the outskirts of one of China’s fastest-growing and greenest cities. The university was established in 2004 as the first Sino-foreign university in mainland China. The university’s mission statement is “Academic Excellence in the Service of Global Citizenship”. All undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Ningbo are conducted entirely in English with the same teaching and evaluation standards as the home University in the United Kingdom. The University is located in Ningbo Higher Education Park on a newly built and dedicated campus with a land area of 146 acres. It currently has over 4500 undergraduate and postgraduate students and more than 470 teaching and administrative staff from over 40 countries in the world.

Please note: students are not accepted into the program until they submit their application and deposit to the UF International Center. You can start your online application today!

The City

Ningbo, China buildings at night

Located in the middle of China’s coast, Ningbo is the cradle of the cultures in the Yangtze River Delta. The city’s history can be traced back to 4800 BC. Ningbo has a population over 7 million people and its sea port is listed among the top 10 deep-water transshipping ports in the world. The humid, subtropical climate has four distinct seasons with an average temperature in January of 40 degrees (Fahrenheit) and 82 degrees in July, so the weather is very similar to Gainesville. Since Ningbo is built upon three rivers crossing through the city it has been necessary to build many bridges to connect districts. Since the 1980’s 16 bridges have been built and there are currently 27 other bridges under construction. Hangzhou Bay Bridge is the third longest transoceanic bridge in the world (22 miles) and it connects the municipalities of Ningbo and Shanghai. Ningbo is steeped in history, with numerous ancient temples and pagodas providing a visual representation of the past. Visitors will also encounter breathtaking natural sites, such as the Zhaobao Mount Scenery Area, and the lakes of Dongqian and Jiulong. Entertainment in Ningbo’s city center features Lao Waitan, the old foreign port on the river, with restaurants and bars, and Tianyi Square with modern shops and restaurants.

Student Life

UNNC campus buildings along the water, Ningbo, China

Students will find the University of Nottingham Ningbo campus a welcoming and vibrant environment that offers a lot of opportunities for students to get involved.

Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies, Ningbo, China

Term Dates

Fall Semester
September to December
Exams: December to January

Spring Semester
February to May
Exams: May to June

Exams may be proctored at UF and approved on a case by case basis.

Courses Available

UNNC offers a variety of business courses for students to choose from. Use our course equivalency database to find out which courses at UNNC can apply to your UF degree. Please see an academic advisor for information pertaining to requesting additional equivalencies.

Language of Instruction

Courses are taught in English. Foreign language courses are available for credit.

Grade Conversion

UNNC grade fromUNNC grade toUF Grade

Credit Conversion

UNNC CreditUF Credit

Estimated Expenses

Rough Expense ComparisonSemester at UFSemester at UNNC
UF Tuition$3,190$3,190
UFIC Admin. Fee-$425
Health Insurance-$154
Housing / Utilities$2,995$1,800
Internet / Cable$585$250


Yuan/RMB is the currency used in China.


University of Nottingham UNNC overview

Students live in the International Student Residence Hall on campus with other students from around the world. All the single occupancy rooms are air-conditioned and fully furnished. Each room is equipped with a telephone, broadband connection, a TV set and a separate bathroom. There are kitchen facilities on each floor where students can share cooking skills with others. All kitchens are equipped with fridges, microwave ovens, electromagnetic cookers, electric cookers and dining facilities.

Travel Opportunities

Laowaitan entertainment area at night in Ningbo, China

Ningbo has a modern airport with direct connections to all major cities in China, including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. The long-distance bus station has connections to all the major cities and towns in the area, and the city is connected to the national rail network. Ningbo itself has an extensive city bus system with stops at the University and good connections to major parts of the city.

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