Technical Acumen

Leverage existing digital technologies ethically and efficiently to solve problems, complete tasks and accomplish goals. Demonstrates effective adaptability to new and emerging technologies.

Sample Behaviors

  • Inspire, persuade, and motivate self and others under a shared vision.
  • Navigate change and be open to learning new technologies.
  • Use technology to improve efficiency and productivity of their work.
  • Identify appropriate technology for completing specific tasks.
  • Manage technology to integrate information to support relevant, effective, and timely decision-making.
  • Quickly adapt to new or unfamiliar technologies.
  • Manipulate information, construct ideas, and use technology to achieve strategic goals.

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Developing Technical Acumen

  • Seek opportunities to try new technology
  • Stay current on emerging technologies relevant to your interests
  • Complete certificates and credentialing in relevant technologies
  • Take training courses
  • Read technical books and journals on technology application
  • Complete online tutorials
  • Apply the skills you have learned in projects
  • Use your skills to innovate and challenge the status quo
  • Curate a public profiles and presence
  • Continue to build your skill set as new technologies emerge

What does growth look like?

  • Identifies and describes existing and emerging digital technologies
  • Recognizes that technology can be used to solve general and industry-specific challenges
  • Defines the importance of adapting to and utilizing new and emerging technologies
  • Utilizes existing digital technologies to solve problems, complete tasks, and accomplish goals
  • Adapts to learn changing and emerging technologies
  • Compares technologies in preparation to solve general problems
3Participation/ Proficiency
  • Explains challenges and opportunities of current and emerging technologies to determine appropriate channel for specific outcomes
  • Implements appropriate current and emerging software and begins to troubleshoot independently to solve complex challenges
  • Articulates strengths and shortcomings of current and emerging technologies
  • Demonstrates fluency in utilizing and evaluating existing technologies to efficiently and ethically solve problems, complete tasks, and accomplish goals
  • Accurately prioritizes the role of software and tools to achieve an objective
  • Able to independently troubleshoot, and begins to see opportunities for integration of technologies
  • Teaches others to use and optimize existing and emerging technologies
  • Seeks continual knowledge and personal and professional development to better utilize existing technologies and become fluent in emerging technologies
  • Provides consultation and possesses a firm knowledge on how current and emerging technologies can be integrated