Warrington Welcome Peer Leaders

Warrington Welcome Peer Leader group

As a Peer Leader you will serve a vital function as co-instructor for the Warrington Welcome course. You will assist students by serving as a peer advisor, role model, and a representative of the Warrington College of Business. While serving your fellow students, you will gain skills highly valued by employers and graduate schools.

Apply to Become a Peer Leader

We are recruiting Peer Leaders to begin teaching Summer B 2019. Selected Peer Leaders must complete a two-credit hour training course during Spring 2019 on Wednesdays Periods 3-4 (9:35am-11:30am).

Meet the Peer Leaders

  • Katherine Andros
    Katherine Andros
  • Elizabeth Barbe
    Elizabeth Barbe
  • Jaden Baron
    Jaden Baron
  • Leigh Bouskila
    Leigh Bouskila
  • Kristiana Caine
    Kristiana Caine
  • Bailey Cantrell
    Bailey Cantrell
  • Katelyn Chandler
    Katelyn Chandler
  • Paola Charco
    Paola Charco
  • Harleen Chawla
    Harleen Chawla
  • Suzy Dabage
    Suzy Dabage
  • Mary Driscoll
    Mary Driscoll
  • Abigail Fagan
    Abigail Fagan
  • Rachel Ferreri
    Rachel Ferreri
  • Abby Fielding
    Abby Fielding
  • Alexis Figueroa
    Alexis Figueroa
  • Sabrina Gonzalez Reyes
    Sabrina Gonzalez Reyes
  • Kristina Hargrave
    Kristina Hargrave
  • Nicole Hebel
    Nicole Hebel
  • Lukas High
    Lukas High
  • Jennifer Hilsdon
    Jennifer Hilsdon
  • Madi Kennedy
    Madi Kennedy
  • Meijia Li
    Meijia Li
  • Lauren Lindsay
    Lauren Lindsay
  • Emy Lvong
    Emy Lvong
  • Andrea Maduro
    Andrea Maduro
  • Becca Ngo
    Becca Ngo
  • Diem Nguyen
    Diem Nguyen
  • Mike O'Brien
    Mike O’Brien
  • Corinne Petlick
    Corinne Petlick
  • Eric Quinn
    Eric Quinn
  • Andrew Reiss
    Andrew Reiss
  • Jordan Remson
    Jordan Remson
  • Thalia Rey
    Thalia Rey
  • Natalie Romero
    Natalie Romero
  • Madison Ross
    Madison Ross
  • Ben Santangelo
    Ben Santangelo
  • Shea Scarlett
    Shea Scarlett
  • Justin Schlakman
    Justin Schlakman
  • Sarah Sherr
    Sarah Sherr
  • Gabriella Tedesco
    Gabriella Tedesco
  • Lindsay Thomas
    Lindsay Thomas
  • Caitlyn Torres
    Caitlyn Torres
  • Emily Treasure
    Emily Treasure
  • Amber Van Den Heuvel
    Amber Van Den Heuvel
  • Valeria Volkova
    Valeria Volkova
  • Sam Woods
    Sam Woods
  • Lauren Youngson
    Lauren Youngson
  • Paige Zyserman
    Paige Zyserman