Warrington Welcome: Human Library

Small groups of undergraduate students gathered around tables in Heavener Hall

What is Human Library?

The Human Library is an innovative and interactive diversity learning initiative where staff, faculty, and community members volunteer as human “books” to share their stories of hardship and resilience with first-year student “readers” in a small group setting. Readers and books engage in personal dialogue about their experiences, in order to foster understanding, challenge stereotypes, reduce prejudice, and celebrate diversity.

“The Human Library works exactly like a normal library; readers come and borrow a Book for a limited period of time. The only difference; the Books in the Human Library are living, (human beings) and the Books and readers enter into a personal dialogue. The Books in the Human Library are people representing groups frequently confronted with prejudices and stereotypes, and are often victims of discrimination or social exclusion. A Book is a person who has volunteered to challenge prejudice through respectful conversation. In the Human Library, Books cannot only speak, but they are able to reply to the readers’ questions and can ask questions themselves.” (Human Library Organizers Guide)

Human Library at UF Vocabulary

First-year college students enrolled in the Heavener School of Business’s Warrington Welcome course.

Anyone willing to share their story with and embrace difficult questions from a small group of readers.

Human Library Examples and Resources

UF Human Library 2018 will take place...

  • Tuesday, March 27: 11:45am-6:00pm, Reitz Union Rion Ballroom
  • Friday, August 3: 10:00am-5:45pm, Emerson Alumni Hall
  • Tuesday, October 30: 10:40am-7:05pm, Reitz Union Grand Ballroom