Why Facebook Groups? Or, Should the Real Question Be: Why Not?

According to a recent study, undergraduates were found to use smartphones and other devices for non-class-related purposes an average of 11 times a day. As social media can often be the inspiration for students’ errant in-class clicking, instructors have long been wary of including use of such sites for classes. However, “Experimenting with Facebook in [...]

Assessing Participation

“An Intriguing Participation Policy,” an article in Faculty Focus, looks at an interesting approach to assessing discussion participation, one that has the potential to be effectively adapted for the large online classroom. The article proposes to have students decide how they will choose to participate in a course (i.e., be called on or volunteer) and [...]

Strategies for Implementing Active Learning

The University of Minnesota has a well-developed resource on Active Learning. You can find specific strategies including ice breaker activities, team and pair tasks, and individual tasks for changing the focus of learning from an instructor-focused environment to an environment that turns more of the responsibility of learning to the students. You can explore the [...]

Thoughts on Mobile Learning

Attendees at Abilene Christian University’s Connected Summit 2011 share their thoughts and perspectives on where we are headed with mobile learning:

Warrington Active Learning Studio

Classrooms that are student-centered rather than instructor-centered encourage students to actively engage in the material being taught instead of passively listening and taking notes. This type of learning environment requires students to be prepared for class, as they will need to actively participate and comment in discussion. Active learning encourages students to view peers and [...]

Faculty Focus – Special Report on the 10 Principles of Effective Online Teaching

Teaching online for the first time is a little like trying to drive a car in a foreign country. You know how to drive, just like you know how to teach, but it sure is hard to get the hang of driving on the left side of the’re not quite sure how far a [...]