Judy Fisher Teaching with Technology Award

In memory of the contributions of Dr. Judy Fisher to our teaching and learning environment, and to ensure that we continued to improve upon our current progress, the College set up the Judy Fisher Teaching with Technology Award. Dr. Judy Fisher joined the College in January 2001 as an Instructional Technologist. She was the first person to bridge the gap between the faculty and the technology staff. Judy’s PhD in Instructional Technology coupled with over 25 years of business consulting in instructional design enabled her to have a profound effect on teaching with technology.

This award was given 2008-2016 to the faculty member who best exemplified teaching using technology each year. The Teaching & Learning Center participated in identifying faculty who used technology to engage students in interactive learning experiences based on sound pedagogical teaching and learning goals.

With the ever-increasing and necessary integration of technology in the College’s teaching, the purpose of this award has been achieved. Warrington now advises all faculty to use and adapt technology in their courses, with a focus on innovation and engagement. Faculty are encouraged to meet with the Teaching & Learning Center to brainstorm how to effectively integrate technology to help achieve their pedagogical goals. Faculty are also encouraged to highlight innovation, technology, and engagement in all College and University award applications.

Award Winners