Humanizing Your Online Course

Curious about how to increase student engagement in your online courses? Seeking ways to foster students’ engagement with you, your TAs, and classmates? Consider humanizing your online course.

According to Tips for Humanizing Your Online Course, instructors can “improve the learning experience as well as success and retention rates” by incorporating a few approaches. These include ensuring that the look and feel of a course site is designed to be welcoming and easy-to-navigate for students. Instructors can also strive to “infuse” courses with elements of their personality, “so that the students have someone they can connect to.” In addition, the article recommends instructors allow students to take a more personalized approach to discussion board posts. Finally, instructors can provide students with a degree of ownership in their approaches to assignments and other activities, such as allowing them to picking which discussions to contribute to (say by picking 5 out of 8, or the like).

Want to see a visual representation of how to humanize your online course? You’re in luck: an infographic, How to Humanize Your Online Class, details why and how to inject elements of humanized learning into your online courses. A webinar (and other related resources) from the author of the infographic provides additional suggestions on how to leverage technology to increase and maintain student engagement and connection.