Consider Using Your Webcam for Assignment Feedback

Are you tired of the typing and handwriting that typically goes into providing feedback on students’ assignments? Could Video Feedback Replace the Red Pen? argues that instructors should consider video-based feedback rather than the text-based variety.

Instead of providing written or typed comments, the instructor featured in this article extemporaneously records critiques using his computer’s webcam. While, as the article acknowledges, providing feedback via video may have drawbacks, students are reported to prefer video-based feedback, often “finding it clearer and seemingly more sincere than written notes” (a finding reflected by other recent research included in the article). The instructor and a colleague, who have been using this approach for about five years, find this approach to providing feedback easier and less timely.

Interested but don’t want to track down any additional tools to enable you to upload and share video-based feedback? You’re in luck: Canvas offers video and audio recording functionality in SpeedGrader.