Encouraging Full Participation in Groups Projects

For all of the excellent reasons to include group projects in courses—including how they can better prepare students to collaborate in the workplace—instructors can find them challenging. A primary challenge can be ensuring that all members of a group fully and fairly contribute to project submissions. One technique to resolve that challenge is to have [...]

Consider Using Your Webcam for Assignment Feedback

Are you tired of the typing and handwriting that typically goes into providing feedback on students’ assignments? Could Video Feedback Replace the Red Pen? argues that instructors should consider video-based feedback rather than the text-based variety. Instead of providing written or typed comments, the instructor featured in this article extemporaneously records critiques using his computer’s [...]

Supporting Effective In-Class Discussions

As the author of Effective Ways to Structure Discussion points out, class discussions (whether online or in person) are most effective if they are structured by a “protocol that guides the interaction.” To support students in having effective face-to-face discussions, the author recommends three techniques. Starter and Wrapper. In order to fully and effectively participate, [...]