Making Groups Projects Work for Online Classes

Group projects can present a variety of challenges for both instructors and students. However, they can also offer a myriad of benefits, particularly for online courses, that make them well worth including. A three-part series—1) why group work is necessary, 2) strategies for effective group work, and 3) student perspectives on group work—will get you [...]

Beyond Papers and Exams, or How to Creatively Approach Assignments

As the author of Could We Be Doing Better with Our Assignments? argues, assignments are “vehicles through which students learn course content.” Are your course assignments—the papers, exams, quizzes, and homework you have students complete to demonstrate mastery of course concepts—the best method to assess learning? If you’re ready to take a more creative approach [...]

Grading Participation: Is There a Better Way?

Do you want to encourage class participation but are unsure of how to do so meaningfully? A recent article, Is It Time to Rethink How We Grade Participation?, suggests not simply grading participation, but to instead seek ways to “reward engagement.” While many of the measures we use to keep track of and assess participation [...]