Using iPad Apps to Create Video Content

So you’ve been using your iPad to respond to student emails. Maybe you’ve even downloaded the Canvas Teacher app, so you can respond to discussion board comments and grade assignments while sitting in the Warrington courtyard or waiting for a flight at the airport. However, did you know you can also use your iPad to create interactive and innovative video content for your courses?

Perhaps you’d like to record short videos for your students on how current events intersect with the topic of your course or the like. TouchCast will allow you to use your iPad to not only record those videos, but also integrate them with web content, images, polls and quizzes, and other interactive elements. You can then upload the video to YouTube or another video-sharing site to share them with your students. Visit the TouchCast website for a video walk-through or TouchCast Studio on the iTunes store to read customer reviews and download this app.

Maybe you would like to be able to create written and auditory notes for your students, allowing them to follow along with a detailed explanation or problem solution as though they were in your office while you were recording it. You can use your iPad along with a Livescribe Pulse Smartpen to create Pencasts, which capture a digital version of the notes you take along with any audio that you can then upload and share with students. Visit the Pencast website for more information or Livescribe+ on the iTunes store to read customer reviews and download this app. In addition, this video provides a detailed demonstration of how you can create Pencasts to share with your students.