Learning On-the-Go

Whether a course is fully online or hybrid, learning increasingly happens on mobile devices that allow students to learn while on-the-go. Students on the Go: What’s an Instructor to Do? argues that instructors should remember that students “are not stationary beings.” Instead, enabled by smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, they complete many of their course-related activities away from their desks. To reach increasingly on-the-go students where they are, instructors should “be open to new ideas and new technologies” that can more fully support mobile learning.

As Mobile or not? How students watch Video Lectures details, one way to ensure your course is mobile-friendly is to consider its video content. The author analyzed student evaluation results, which revealed that 62.5% of students streamed the course video content (rather than downloading it) and 27% of students watched video lecture content on smartphones and the like. To enable quick download or buffering times, instructors can try to ensure that video content is as brief as is possible (up to 15-20 minutes at most).

Interested but not sure where to start? Intrigued and want to learn more? EDUCAUSE and UNESCO provide a variety of articles, reports, podcasts, and presentations on how you can make your courses more mobile-friendly.