Empowering Your Students

What’s an Empowered Student? asks instructors to consider not only why student empowerment matters, but also how it can be achieved through the dimensions of meaningfulness, competence, impact, and choice. Meaningfulness, or how well a course aligns to students’ “beliefs, ideals, and standards,” motivates students to “work hard and produce quality work.” The dimension of [...]

Using iPad Apps to Create Video Content

So you’ve been using your iPad to respond to student emails. Maybe you’ve even downloaded the Canvas Teacher app, so you can respond to discussion board comments and grade assignments while sitting in the Warrington courtyard or waiting for a flight at the airport. However, did you know you can also use your iPad to [...]

Learning On-the-Go

Whether a course is fully online or hybrid, learning increasingly happens on mobile devices that allow students to learn while on-the-go. Students on the Go: What’s an Instructor to Do? argues that instructors should remember that students “are not stationary beings.” Instead, enabled by smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, they complete many of their [...]