Flipping Not Just for Classrooms

Updated on November 7, 2014

As the post below details, flipping your class can offer a multitude of benefits. However, much of what is written on flipping focuses on the face-to-face classroom. And while flipping classroom courses can offer significant benefits, flipped strategies can have a positive impact on online classes, as well.

Can You Flip an Online Class? argues that we miss opportunities for student engagement and learning if we merely seek to replicate the face-to-face classroom experience for online learners. Instead, the author recommends strategies to flip the online classroom that leverage a variety of technology. The article has three suggestions for flipped strategies, including creating a scavenger hunt document, incorporating social media, and including assignments that prompt self-reflection. In addition, the Comments section includes a number of suggested flipped strategies.

Ideas for Active Online Learning provides additional suggestions for how to make online classes more active. Suggestions include incorporating threaded discussion summaries to allow instructors to assess students’ understanding. Instructors can also make learning more active by including collaborative group assignments that are created using online collaborative tools (such as the Canvas Collaborations EtherPad tool).

The above suggestions are well worth considering when seeking ways to flip your online class into one that is more active and student-centered.