Retail Workshops

The Miller Center organizes semi-annual, retail workshops in conjunction with the University of Florida’s Career Expo recruiting fairs. Retail Representatives present career opportunities in retail and interviewing techniques to audiences of up to 200 students. Speakers for these retail workshops are representatives of sponsoring retail companies and frequently the manager of college recruitment. All workshops are designed to cover material in one hour and students receive detailed brochures and booklets at the presentations.

Careers in Retailing

This retail workshop focuses on dispelling myths about the retail industry. Descriptions of retail positions, career paths, pay, work life balance and types of retailers are discussed. All majors are hired into the retail industry so all are welcome!

Dress for Success

This retail workshop provides guidance in dressing for interviews, company dinners, on the job apparel and blue-jean Fridays. Examples are modeled by company associates and there will be plenty of time for questions and answers. A must see for all majors as we approach recruiting season!

Conquering the Behavioral Interview Workshop

This retail workshop focuses on the do’s and don’ts of interviewing. Presenters discuss preparation, interview conduct, the interview structure, reasons for rejection and Q&A.

Communication Skills for Business Workshop

This fun, fast-paced retail workshop helps students to better understand basic communication skills necessary to be successful in business. Everyone is sure to learn useful and practical information.

Retail Roundtable

The Retail Roundtable event features retail representatives who work in human resources, buying, store management, supply chain management and sales. This retail workshop will focus on each career in a fun and interactive environment.

Branding with Social Media

Understand how to use Facebook, Twitter and the like to make you look your best to recruiters.

Retail Reception

Meet and greet with retail recruiters. Representatives from many retailers will be sharing information about career and internship opportunities in the retail industry available to UF students. The purpose is to enhance the exposure students have to industry representatives as well as to offer another forum for retailers to present to students.

Understanding Generational Differences

There’s a way to market to a Boomer that is different than the way you market to a Millennial. Learn the minute differences and how to make them both happy.

Retail Consulting

It’s a career that is for the few out there who are multi experienced in the industry. Hear from one of the best.

Internship Panel

Hear from a group of Summer interns and how they can help you land the perfect retail internship.