Best Practices for Reliable Research

The following videos, from academic journal editors, university faculty members, academic researchers, industry leaders and students, present best practices and suggestions for how to create robust and reliable research. Browse the variety of topics, speaker biographies and additional information at the links below.

Topics & Speakers

Theory Development

How Abductive Reasoning Promotes Robust and Reliable Research Practices

Peter Bamberger
Academy of Management Discoveries

The Crucial Role of Replication in Robust and Reliable Research

Rich Bettis
former Co-Editor, Strategic Management Journal

Inference and Replication in Strategy Science

Brent Goldfarb
Associate Editor,
Management Science—Entrepreneurship and Innovation

External Validity and the Replication Crisis: Reflections on the Replication Corner

John Lynch
Guest Co-Editor,
Special Issue on Question-Focused Innovations in Research Methods, Strategic Management Journal; Co-Editor, Replication Corner, International Journal of Research in Marketing

Causal Identification through a Cumulative Body of Research in the Study of Strategy and Organizations

J Myles Shaver
Associate Editor, Strategy Science

The Advantages of Starting with Theory: Addressing the Issue of HARKing

Jason Shaw
Academy of Management Journal

How Computation Models Can Facilitate Robust Theory Development, Testing, and Implementation in Organization Science

Jeff Vancouver
Thought leader on computational models of human-environment interactions


The Reproducibility of Empirical Management Research: Tests, Applications, and Recommendations

Don Bergh
Methods Task Force Chair
Journal of Management

Resampling Methods: Resting Robustness and Reliability (but Really Replicability)

Paul Bliese
Organizational Research Methods

Using Formal Models to Study Strategy and Organizations

Felipe Csaszar
Senior Editor
Organization Science

How Graphical Methods Can Improve Robustness and Reliability in Management Research

Henrich Greve
Administrative Science Quarterly

Robustness and Reliability in the Analysis of Count Data

Deepak Somaya
Thought leader on human capital, relational asset, and intellectual property

Open Data + Robust Workflow: Towards Reproducible Empirical Research on Organic Data

Heng Xu
Thought leader on information sciences and big data

Nan Zhang
Thought leader on robustness and reliability in web data analytics

Robustness and Reliability in Web Data Analytics

Nan Zhang
Thought leader on information sciences and big data

Using Meta-Analysis to Evaluate Effect Size Heterogeneity and Inform the Robustness of Research Findings

Zhen Zhang
Associate Editor
Personnel Psychology

Publishing and Reviewing

Replications and Reproducibility in IO-OB-HR Research: How Are We Doing, and Can We Do Better?

Gilad Chen
Journal of Applied Psychology

Ethical Socialization of Management Scholars: Perspectives from Professional and Organizational Socialization Research

John Kammeyer-Mueller
Associate Editor
Personnel Psychology

Robust and Reliable Organizational Science: Problems and Prospects

Steve Kozlowski
Former Editor
Journal of Applied Psychology

Best Editorial Practices Associated with Robust and Reliable Research in the Science of Organizations

Fred Oswald
Senior Associate Editor
Journal of Management

Life After P-hacking

Joseph Simmons
Associate Editor
Management Science—Judgment and Decision Making

Promoting Robust and Reliable Research Practice