Capstone Competition

Each graduating student concludes their academic program with a challenging, real-world market value scenario called the Capstone project.

This year, Advisory board member Rick Scarola and his company Covenant Capital Group supported this project. The project focused on the Covenant Apartment Fund. Students evaluated a few specific properties to provide an appraisal analysis and presented Mr. Scarola and the judges a buy-versus-hold analysis.

The judges heard from six different groups and selected a winning team. This year’s winning team consisted of Chiwei Zhong, Darren Tretter, Carey Froelicher, Kelsey Broadhead, Francisco Padilla and Coleman Glass.

Riley McChesney

I thought our team had excellent group dynamics. From the get-go we established our plan of action, defined roles and responsibilities, and then continuously motivated one another to bring our very best to the table. We were all especially determined to win the competition, as we saw the Capstone trophy as the ‘icing on the cake’ after a great year in the MSRE program.

Riley McChesney
MSRE ’17