Students and the Bergstrom Center

Students are at the heart of what we do here at the Bergstrom Center and our Nathan S. Collier Master of Science in Real Estate (MSRE) program. Students look to the Bergstrom Center for guidance, industry-specific resources, job placement advice, as well as a general information hub. The Bergstrom Center works hand-in hand with academic advisors and the university to support those in the program. Our active involvement provides a premier educational experience for UF students.

Job Placement

The market clearly values our graduates as a large and expanding number of firms have recently hired, or sought to hire, our graduate and undergraduate real estate students. Find out more information about job placement and recruiting.

Real Estate Job Board

Jobs posted here are provided by Friends and Alumni of the UF Bergstrom Real Estate Center and are available to our Real Estate Advisory Board, other UF Bergstrom Center Friends and Alumni, as well as current students in the UF Nathan S. Collier Master of Science in Real Estate program.

Student News

John Crossman and friends

John Crossman, President of Crossman & Company, spoke to our Case Studies class on July 17 about “how to leverage your MSRE experience.” Some highlights of his talk:

  • develop your passion
  • focus on your desired occupation
  • join professional organizations while you are a student
  • leverage social media
  • ace relationship management-be in a partnership with your mentor-don’t act like a charity case

Students also mingled with Advisory board members in attendance: Todd Jones, Cliff Taylor, Steve Debose, Andy Hogshead, James Izzo, David Kern, and Daniel Woodward

MSRE Alumni Panel

On Friday, July 11, MSRE Alumni answered questions from the current class about their Nathan S. Collier MSRE experience and what they are currently doing in the field. The paneled included Dan Drotos, Tripp Greene, Burk Hedrick, Yan Lu, Angela Jones, Kate Maurer, Dr. Kent Malone and Paul Vera. Thank you to all our guests!

Nick Banks Case Study

Nick Banks, Director, Front Street Real Estate Group, spoke to our Case Studies class in July 10. Some highlights from his talk:

  • ask for introductions
  • reach outside your comfort zone
  • know your elevator speech
  • have a big, hairy, audacious goal

He blogged about his experience on his website.

Nathan Collier In Class

Nathan S. Collier, founder and Chairman, the Collier Companies, spoke to the Case Studies class on July 15, as part one of a five part series of talks. He spoke about his success in business and also his personal philosophy of Steward Leadership, Main Street values, and his commitment to continuous learning. He stressed the importance of having high emotional intelligence and focusing on your strengths.

A video of the first class is available on our YouTube channel.