Expert Guide to Effective Regulation

Your expert guide to the regulatory practices needed to grow your country’s utility infrastructures!

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Course Calendar

Designed to optimize new regulatory professionals’ learning experiences, our newest course allows you to select just the Expert Guide to Effective Regulation, or to enroll in it plus your choice of specialized topics.

You will explore the roles and structures of regulatory agencies, essential features of successful regulation, best practices and next practices for addressing difficult issues, and the skills needed to build a world class regulatory system. You will learn:

  • Design of regulatory institutions and practices for transparency, independence, legitimacy, and credibility
  • Effectives processes for decision making
  • Proper structure of a legal environment for regulation
  • Basics of design and oversight of utility markets
  • Fundamentals for developing prices consistent with regulatory objectives
  • Design and implementation of effective incentives for efficient and effective investment
  • Basics of tariff rebalancing, cross-subsidization, and funding of social obligations
  • Fundamentals of price reviews
  • Design of incentives to promote competition, efficiency, and innovation
  • Effective strategies for monitoring performance and enforcing compliance

Specialized topic tracks include:

Key issues in energy regulation

    • Designing energy markets
    • Renewable energy strategies and incentives
    • Incentive regulation in energy
    • Basics of revenue requirement, cost of service and rate design
    • Tariff rebalancing, cross-subsidization, and funding of social obligations
    • Price review processes
    • Competition, efficiency, and innovation in energy
    • Effective strategies for monitoring performance and enforcing compliance

Inside the regulation of ICT

    • Fundamentals of market competition
    • Antitrust, competition policy, and mergers
    • Basics of radio spectrum management
    • Economics and strategies for communications platforms
    • Proper regulation of retail markets
    • Wholesale and interconnection markets
    • Net neutrality and over the top services
    • Developing privacy regulations

Course Structure

This course will be delivered virtually through Zoom meetings.

The courses provide the equivalent of three day and two days of instruction. The course sessions are spread across several days to ease online participation. The Expert Guide to Effective Regulation course will include about 24 hours of instruction spread over eight days. Each two-day specialized topics course will provide about 15 hours of instruction.

This is not a self-paced course. Active participation in Live Zoom sessions is required in order to receive the Certificate of Completion.

Course Requirements

  • Webcam and mic enabled and on during real-time Zoom sessions
  • Internet connection (DSL, LAN or cable connection desirable)
  • Access to Zoom (download the latest version online)
  • Unique zoom meeting links will be provided once payment is received


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