What happens when the EU and Biden redesign Big Tech?

Some politicians, academics, and regulatory practitioners are increasingly confident that there is something wrong with the structure of Big Tech. They are equally confident that smart regulators can remold Big Tech and make things better. They are half right. Read Dr. Jamison's complete blog post at AEI

The EU’s misguided drive to turn America’s Big Tech companies into public utilities

European Union (EU) regulators have targeted America’s Big Tech companies, aiming to make them some of the EU’s most heavily regulated firms. Draft legislation called the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act would effectively make Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and others public utilities in Europe with all of the typical utility obligations [...]

State AGs investigate Big Tech, and threaten to wreck the internet

The AGs are zeroing in on Alphabet — Google’s parent company — but they are sniffing around Facebook and other US tech leaders too. This is likely to be yet another costly investigation for Alphabet. The EU has already fined it about $9 billion. US federal antitrust authorities have investigated Alphabet before and are doing [...]