What lies ahead for Section 230?

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act was designed to promote a competitive online ecosystem that maximizes user control while guarding against illegal activities. The law is credited with empowering unprecedented innovation, but it is also blamed for allowing Big Tech to suppress speech and avoid liability for seemingly unchecked misinformation. Proposals to reform Section [...]

Free speech in the digital age: Assessing the values and consequences of free expression

Does free speech apply to all corners of society, including the internet? The Constitution prohibits Congress from making any law “abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press,” and, since the 1960s, courts have interpreted this as an expansive right of individuals and institutions with few exceptions. However, public support for free speech seems [...]

Big Tech and antitrust: Assessing the House Judiciary Committee staff report

America’s historical approach to antitrust has promoted economic competition for the consumer’s benefit. Decades of scholarship and careful legal practice created this approach and formulated rigorous analytical tools to support it, enabling a vibrant, dynamic, and market-oriented economy. Recently, a new movement has arisen that seeks to undo this approach and replace it with policies [...]