Three fears that hamper tech progress

Would the world be a better place if the government required Taylor Swift to sometimes sing off key? Obviously not, but some of those calling for shackles on tech progress seem to think so. Read "Three fears that hamper tech progress" on AEI.

Should cities compete with their ISPs? University of Pennsylvania study warns taxpayers to beware

Yet another academic study has given municipal broadband a failing grade. Not that there are a lot of actual studies of what happens when a government that regulates businesses also competes with them — perhaps because the answer seems rather obvious that the government tilts the playing field in its favor and often drives out [...]

Market reforms are worth the effort

Recent conversations I have had about the value of regulation and private participation in telecoms has prompted me to do some quick calculations using the Caribbean as a test case. The results? Market reforms have had significant impacts in the region. Read "Market reforms are worth the effort" on World Bank Blogs.