Tech for president!

My fellow Americans, when you vote for president of the United States this fall, I am asking you to write in me, the US Tech Industry. Why should you write in Tech? Frankly, no one in government is more popular than me with the American people. I am also more trusted than American politicians. Furthermore, my platforms are so loved worldwide that European politicians are openly jealous. To sum up, I have already made America great and my foundations are honest.

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Adaptive regulation: Africa finds a third way on telecom regulation

What sector regulations are appropriate for a fast-changing telecommunications industry? The economist’s answer is often deregulation: absent monopoly power, it is hard to justify regulatory control of a market in which customers are in a position to make their own choices. Introducing regulation opens the door for industry players to push for rules that hinder competition and for political actors to design regulation to benefit cronies and distort markets. But sometimes deregulation isn’t an option: laws may not grant regulators enough discretion and it may be difficult to build political coalitions to change those laws. What can be done in such situations? Ghana is providing an example with its use of “adaptive regulation,” an approach that allows the industry and the regulator to co-evolve in a customer-driven system.

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