Five questions Congress should ask the FCC commissioners on July 12

The five commissioners of the FCC are once again being hauled before Congress to explain themselves. This time it will be to answer questions from the House Energy and Commerce Committee on July 12. The chairman of the FCC, Tom Wheeler, has been called to testify a number of times before Congress, in part because [...]

It’s time to move beyond net neutrality

Now that the DC Circuit Court of Appeals decided that it is okay to have economics-free regulations for the Internet, leadership from Congress may be the only way we can achieve an economics-grounded and technology-grounded policy for the Internet. Read "It’s time to move beyond net neutrality" on AEI.

Keep calm and let platforms carry on

Certain European officials seem to be suffering from a disorder called platform anxiety — the fear that arises because US firms are the leaders in creating business platforms. As is often the case, these officials are self-medicating by imposing regulations on others. While this may be a fulfilling activity for the officials in question, though [...]

Can Netflix save Europe’s film industry? The European Commission hopes so

You know an industry is having an impact when government officials seek to control it, or at least capture its value. This appears to be what the European Commission is doing as it seeks to force Netflix, Amazon, and Apple to carry and promote more European films — and to have these companies pay for [...]