How much profit is too much? Tech companies and the surprising truth about their returns

Do tech companies, like Google, Apple and Facebook, make too much money? Some people seem to think so. What these critics might fail to realize is that if these winners in the technology marketplace are treated as “too profitable,” then the next Apple or Google may never appear. Why do critics believe these companies are [...]

Applying Title II without embarrassment

Is there a way for the FCC to apply Title II regulations to the Internet without embarrassing itself? Yes, but it would require a change in direction. “Title II” is the section of the Communications Act that was intended to regulate monopoly telephone companies as public utilities. Its roots go far back in history, but [...]

The importance of regulatory humility

It’s hard to be humble. In fact, most of us fail at it systematically: 93% of drivers believe they have above-average driving abilities. 94% of professors believe they are above average relative to their peers. 75% of competitive chess players believe they are underrated even though the rating system is demonstrably accurate and chess players [...]

What Google Fiber is teaching us about vertical integration

Google is becoming a major investor in fiber optics and other networking technologies, and in doing so is demonstrating the value of vertical integration in information technology. Google’s most well-known fiber initiative is Google Fiber, which launched its first project in Kansas City in 2012 and, according to the company, recently completed 7000 miles of [...]