September 9, 2022

UF Reitz Union
Presented by Carrier

For Students


Student registration is required for this event through HIREWarrington.


Event will begin at approximately 8:00am.

HIREWarrington is the official way to use to plan your day, hosting all sessions and sign ups.

Dress Code/Attire

We ask that you please dress in interview attire (i.e. business suit). This is required.


Please review the agenda, speaker bio’s and list of participants for the day’s events prior to arriving. It is recommended that you conduct company research on those executives that you have an in interest in networking with. Your knowledge of their industry and company will go a long way in their eyes.

Keep in Mind

This event is designed to assist in improving your networking, communication, career development, and job search skills. Please be sure to take advantage of the day and prepare yourself to ask questions during the presentations, panel session and networking reception. Our presenters and participants have taken time out from their busy schedules to attend this event and assist in developing your skills. Please be sure to take the time to thank them individually and appropriately represent the Warrington College of Business.

Have is going to be an exciting day for us all!